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Endocrine System

By Alex Perez Period #2 Mrs. Rivera

Alex Perez

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Endocrine System

Double click anywhere & add an idea Endocrine System is a sytem of glands
each of which secretes a type of hormone to regulate the body The endocrine system is an information signal system much like the nervous system It works with the nervous system, reproductive system, kidneys, gut, liver, pancreas and fat to help maintain and control the following body energy levels


growth and development

internal balance of body systems, called homeostasis

responses to surroundings, stress and injury Hormones: are special chemicals that move into body fluid after they are made by one cell or a group of cells Endocrine glands make hormones that are used inside the body Other glands make substances like saliva, that reach the outside of the body Endocrine glands and endocrine-related organs are like factories. They produce and store hormones and release them as needed Endocrine system diseases and disorders happen when one or more of the endocrine systems in your body are not working well. Hormones may be released in amounts that are too great or too small for the body to work normally Now the funnest part of this slide show!!!! 1. What is the Endocrine System??? 2. What are Hormones???? 3.What are some organs it works with???
(name 2) 4. What do they maintain???
(refering to number 3)
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