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Huang He River

No description

Harvey Nihill

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Huang He River

Huang He(Yellow) River
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What is the River and Where is The Huang He River Located?
The scale of the map shows the distance that the river covers.
How was the river created and what is it used for?
Shows the ever-changing course
of the river caused by constant erosion
The river is traditionally used for farming.
This image shows the pollution the river receives.
What are the impacts pollution causes on the river?
Fishing in the heavily
polluted river
Solutions to the Pollution issue
Sewage treatment plants such as this would minimise the pollution
The river with pollution
What the river should be like, so traditional ways of life on the banks can start again
Pollution in the river effects the economy and health. It is an economical and social issue. It devastates the traditional way of life.
The river exists in
the northern half
of China
The Chinese
government have to
spend a lot on the
water pollution, primarily on
the Yellow River.
The Huang He(Yellow) River
-The G.I Model

Bo hai Sea
The River's Mouth
The rivers source
Sections of the river run red as a result of discharging pollution
Erosion creates
water channels
where on the banks
Isolated areas
on the river still
farm, but if pollution
continues to grow rapidly,
farming will cease to continue.
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