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No description

Bailey Morris

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of MAP

Bailey Morris
Plan A - Sydney Australia, Hillsong
International Leadership College - Bachelor of Theology

Plan B - Vancouver BC, University of British
Columbia - Creative Writing

Christina Morris

Mrs. Gallo
My Education & Career Life Plan
Career Interview
Name: Bailey Interview Date: 3/15/15
Career Field: Hillsong College
Job Title: Bachelors of Theology
Name of Person Interviewed: Sarah Ross
My Personal Health Plan
5 Attributes
My Action Plan
According to the Myers Briggs personality test I am and ENFP. Which means I am Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

The ENFP personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike Explorers, they are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others.

Charming, independent, energetic and
compassionate, this is me.
ENFPs learn best by exchanging ideas, conceptualizing and role play.

To me, learning is a way of expanding horizons and paths towards growth and development. I prefer to learn in an unconstrained, self-directed manner in which I can follow or absorb myself in my current interests. I enjoy playing with ideas, experimenting with possibilities and thinking around the subjects. I take in information globally, seeing first its broad shape and the possibilities inherent in it before looking at the detail, which I sometimes overlook.

When I am to study for a test or exam I find myself rehearsing terms and theory's over and over again until the subject is like a song stuck in my head.
ENFP's are extroverted they think aloud with no filter and many times interrupt conversations with their thoughts and ideas.

I tend to model my thoughts and decisions based on my emotions. I cannot make my mind think of the many mathematical possibilities that could happen if I do this or that. I am guided completely by what my heart wants. I am also very much pushed by passion, probably because its a feeling. Passion motivates me to do my best as well as stretching me emotionally and physically.

My idea to travel to Australia came from two passions. One would be my love and faith in God because I am a christian, and the other my passion to travel.
ENFP's are energetic and exciting by nature, and they bring this same fervor to the innovative process. Often looking outside the box to find different solutions for different problems, ENFP's are always generating new ideas, and they enjoy creative environments, bringing about imagination and creativity in their own ideas and through their influences on others

I am not going to lie to you, as an ENFP I am an idea generator, but unless I have 100% passion in the idea I probably won't go through with it. I need to believe in the idea to gain the passion for motivation.

This is why school can be hard for me. Right now I am passionate about grad therefore the passion of looking forward to grad has motivated me to do my best in school, even though I am not passionate about all the courses necessary for graduation.

Hillsong International Leadership College
For the most part I believe I work well with others. I find in groups that I tend to do all the work. I don't do all the work because the others don't want to help, I do all the work because I am a little bit of a control freak.

So generally I prefer to work on my own. I am a control freak because I get this perfect picture in my mind as to how something is going to look or turn out, therefore I have little trust that the people in my group can fulfill the image I have created in my head.
Even though I am a control freak and wish everything to go my way I defiantly make an effort to contribute when necessary. One example I can use is being a TA. I could have had the option to have two spares and plenty of time to do homework, but I gave one of my spares up so that I can help Mrs. Gallo get her work done so she has less to do at home as well.

I also believe I am a contributor in a group setting because I either take control and lead the group or follow orders because it may be best for the group.
Career Overview
I actually want to be a Journalist. I want to travel and reveal the truths about the world. I want change the world with just a simple idea, but first I need to discover the truth for myself. You see I am going to the Hillsong International Leadership College to find my own truth. I have been raised in a christian home my whole life and now its my turn to continue what my parents started. Therefore I am going to rediscover Jesus.

My goal is to work for a world renowned magazine like National Geographic. I aspire to travel under the magazine and explore the far reaches of the world and write what I find learn and believed based on circumstances. I also want to be thrown into the middle of high risk situations like wars to write, take pictures and reveal what the world is really like to those secluded to the urban life style we live in.
Working Conditions
Salary and
Future Outlook
Journalists work in newsrooms or offices, as well as television studios and radio stations. They often travel to cover stories and interview people. They may spend long periods of time on the road if covering a particular event or an ongoing news story. They may also visit locations such as law courts, sporting and entertainment venues or public places to cover stories. Journalists may need to spend time outdoors regardless of weather conditions, and they may work in unpleasant situations such as war zones and crime or accident scenes. They often need to meet tight deadlines.
For the 2013-2015 projection period, employment opportunities will be fair for Journalists (NOC 5123) in British Columbia. Compared to all other occupations, there should be proportionately fewer unemployed workers with experience in this occupation to compete for available jobs. However, this will be partially offset by both average employment growth and number of retiring workers.

According to the 2011 National Household Survey, the average age for this occupation in British Columbia was 44 years and 26% of workers were 55 years old and older. Also, according to the Labour Force Survey, approximately 1,800 people worked in this occupation in 2013.

Low - 11.81 Median - 27.42 High - 51.75
Education Pathway
On the website that KSS Suggests it says there education requirement. For me though I believe education is always the way to go. So after Hillsong I plan to take The UBC masters of Journalism Coarse to increase my chances of landing a Job.
Why are you interested in this career?
I have always been really out there when it comes to sharing my opinions and what I believe. Over the years all it has done is humiliated and shamed me. Through all the frustration and hurt I realized my freedom of speech is a important tool in my life. My ideas and critical thinking are what make who I am and people were afraid of how free I am. After much consideration I decided that my freedom of speech and expression was a powerful weapon used against the norms of society. Therefore I can't just hide this super power I have inside of me that's when I decided Journalism is the career for me.
Their Movie Premiering in 2015
Healthy Eating
I generally eat pretty healthy because I know how to cook and what is good for me, sure there is the odd day where a have more junk than usual, but for the most part I keep a well maintained diet
I also love my fair share of fruits and vegetables therefore my everyday diet is balanced
Physical Activity
I find myself always gaining a few extra pounds every winter due to the fact that in the summer I spend a good majority of my days outside but as soon as it gets cold my body decides to hibernate because I hate the cold.
So I am now am a weekly gym attendant (carrying a pass)
In the summer sI stay quite fit because of my love fr the outdoors. (hiking, camping,ect...
Stress Management
I am generally a pretty calm person, I am high maintenance but calm and generally pretty happy.
I find the best thing that calms my nerves in the odd moment when I am stressed is christian music and just spending time in Jesus Presence
I have also noticed that giving myself time to breathe helps so I will often go for a walk and just soak it all in
One more thing I can say makes a huge diferance is talking and spending time with peo
Adequate Sleep
I have this terrible tendency of staying up til 4 and having to wake up at 6:30 am so right now it is a goal of mine to go to bed at 10 and wake up to my first set alarm (I set like ten alarms to make sure I awaken before time is up)
My doctor told me that I am actually just bad at slowing down my heart rate so its harder for me to sleep early so I take medication to slow my heart rate in the evenings, but sometimes I take it too late and it doesn't kick in for about half an hour
Healthy Relationships
I am a very love and relationship based person, I actually have a hard time functioning without the help of other people. My dad always asks silly questions like what would you do if you were the last person on earth and I always resort to killing myself because I would feel as though I was suffering in a situation like that
Since relationship is such a vital part of my emotional survival I seek out time with friends and family because I hate being alone. Its not a necessity to have many friends, but many connections with my few friends and family.

Please be aware that I interviewed a student who took this coarse because right now that is my main goal.
How long have you been in this career?
The program itself took four years.
What Post secondary did you need to apply?
No post secondary was necessary because the degree itself is and undergraduate degree.
How long did it take to complete?
The bachelors takes four years and a total of eight semesters.
Was there any additional training required?
The only additional training required is the Dogwood earned by graduating high school.
Which high school coarses helped you prepare you for this pathway?
The woman I interviewed went to a christian school and said the only one that really applied was a bible class.
Did you know you wanted to go to this school in high school?
Sarah really made the decision when she was making her grad map.
Describe your general duties...
Honestly the general duties of a student are home work and going to classes.
What are the hours like?
65 hours including home work
What are the wages?
Sarah said she has almost no spending money because college life is expensive especially in a different country.
What do you like best?
The people and the atmosphere its a really amazing place to lose yourself.
What do you like Least?
The long hours but that is part of the college life.
What advice do you have for me?
Do it, it will change your life!
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