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Digital Technology merit badge

Original presentation here: https://prezi.com/xlgrgkxxoloy/digital-technology-merit-badge/

Josh W

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Digital Technology merit badge

A computer network exists where two or more
are linked together to share data, hardware, software, and/or resources. {why data, hardware, software, and resources?}
Application Software
Application software is a set of one or more programs designed to carry out operations for a specific application. Application software cannot run on itself but is dependent on system software to execute.
Requirement 2
a. Give a brief history of the changes in digital technology over time.

b. Describe what kinds of computers/devices might be available when you are an adult
Digital Technology Merit Badge
Scout Participation!!!
1804 - Punch Cards for automatic loom - Joesph-Marie Jacquard
1830's - Analytical engine design for sea navigation tables - Charles Babbage
Input, Memory, Processor, Output - All contained in today's computers
Model built in 1991 had 4,000 parts and weighed 3 tons
1840s & 50s - Boolean Logic (AND, OR, NOT operations) - George Boole
Used in logic circuts to allow computers run more complex processes
True AND False = True//True OR False = True//NOT True = False
Used in Internet search engines and to manage databases
1906 - Electrodes inside bulb created an amplifier - Lee de Forest
Made radio and TV possible
Crucial in development of digital computers
Grace Hopper coined the term "Bug" to mean a computer fault.
The original computer bug was a moth that created a hardware problem in the Harvard Mark I computer during WWII.
This made her the 1st person to "debug" a computer.
Google Grace Hopper and read her story for more on this digital pioneer!
What kind of computers and devices can you imagine available when you are an adult?
1947 - Transistor invented at Bell Labs
1950's - Integrated Circuit invented
1971 - 1st microprocessor designed
1975 - Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Monte Davidoff wrote BASIC and formed Microsoft
1977 - Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak released the Apple II PC
1984 - 1st Mac Computer introduced
1990 - 1st Windows 3.0 released
1991 to Present - Internet, Wi-Fi, Smartphone, Cloud Computing, QR Codes, Flash Memory
Requirement 3
A. Explain how text, sound, picture and videos are digitized for storage

B. Describe the difference between lossy and lossless data compression and give an example

C. Describe 2 digital devices and how they are made useful by their programming

D. What are the similarities between computers, mobile devices, and gaming consoles

E. Explain what a computer network is and describe it's purpose
Stored using Unicode related to numbers 0000 thru FDEF. (hexidecimal)

Each character is a single byte of info in Binary.
Stored in a series of small dots called pixels. For example a monitor that is 1024x768 has 1,024 pixels in the horizontal row and 768 in the vertical row.

Cameras are rated by mega-pixels, so a 13 mega-pixel camera will have 13 million pixels in every picture taken
A digital device "hears" the analog signal and it processes through a analog-to-digital converter chip.

When you replay the file it goes through a digital-to-analog chip that turns it back to a sound wave.
Stored digitally the same way pictures are, but a video is a series of pictures really fast (60 fps). The sound is synced with the video.

It is easier now than 5 years ago to store video with the variety of storage options available.
Lossy - Compression of a file where some data is lost.
Shrinking a picture for email, web, or text

Lossless - Compression where all information is retained.
Text files, Databases, and retain original picture size.
Lossy Formats
MP4 (V)
MP3 (A)
Dolby Digital (A)
Lossless Formats
JPEG 2000 (I)
H.264 (A)
WMA Lossless (A)
iPhone 6
Galaxy S5
Aluminum Case
4.7" Screen
1334x750/326 PPI
IPS Display
Fingerprint Sensor
Not water resistant
One Handed Mode
16, 64 or 128GB Storage
No MicroSD support
8MP Rear / 1.2MP Front
Dual LED Flash
64-bit dual core 1.4GHz
No Infrared Sensor
Plastic Case
5.1" Screen
1920x1080/432 PPI
AMOLED Display
Fingerprint Sensor
IP67 water resistant
One Handed Mode
16 or 32GB Storage
MicroSD up to 128GB
16MP Rear / 2MP Front
Single LED Flash
32-bit quad core 2.5GHz
Infrared Sensor
Requirement 4
a. Explain what a program or software application or "app" is and how it is created.

b. Name 4 programs or mobile apps you or your family use and how each helps you.

c. Describe what malware is and how to protect your digital devices and info stored on them
Requirement 5
a. Describe how digital devices are connected to the internet

b. Using an internet search find ideas about how to conduct a troop court of honor or campfire program.

c. Connect to a secure website. Explain how you can tell whether the site's security certificate can be trusted and what it means to use this kind of connection.
Break Time
Requirement 7 & 8
7a. Explain Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets
What they do
Why they exist
Protects the creative
original expression
of an idea, not the
idea itself
Gives owner exclusive
rights to:
Perform Publicly
What they do
Why they exist
Grants exclusive
rights for inventions
for approx 14-20 yrs
Gives inventor the
right to exclude others
Offering for sale
What they do
Why they exist
Identifies and
Distinguishes goods
or products
Gives protection to
businesses for their
logos & goods
What they do
Why they exist
Protects businesses
Gives businesses
competitive edge
info has value
info is not general knowledge
protects company info to keep it secret
125 million phones thrown away each year, creating 65,000 tons of waste.
Digital technology can have dangerous chemicals that leak into groundwater
Manufacturers are changing processes minimizing hazardous chemicals by:
Reducing/eliminating lead solder
Mercury-free LCD's & arsenic-free glass
Bromine-free & chlorine-free circuit boards
You will need to complete Req 1 and Req 6 on your own if you have not done so already.
1. Complete Cyber-Chip
6. You will need to complete 3 small
projects and have one of your parents or
leaders email me the files/web links.
Thank you for coming!!
7b. When is it permissible to accept a free copy of a program from a friend?
7c. Discuss a recent legal case involving an intellectual property dispute
8a. Why is it important to properly dispose of digital technology?
8b. What happens to discarded digital technology?
Who Josh Wyss??
Pronounced [Wee-sss]
Computer Science
Business Minor
From Russellville, MO
Great Rivers Counsel
Fun Facts
Eagle Scout November 2008
MB Councilor @ Camp Hohn
Went to Beijing, China
Work at Cargill
Enjoy Swing Dance
First Requirement!
1. Show your Counselor your current, up-to-date Cyber Chip
2 a
2 b
3 a
3 b
3 c
3 d
3 e
4 a
4 b
4 c
5 a
5 b
5 c
7 a
7 b
7 c
Josh Scout
1300 HWY AA
Russellville, MO
5 Rivers
Great Rivers
Digital Technology
Joshua Wyss
36688 HWY HH
Russellville 65074
2 6 15
Your Name
Digital Technology
Your Name
Digital Technology
Everyone think of something! :)
No examples, you've seen enough videos already.
What is remove in compression? (audio & image)
Patterns recognized and shortened (key table)
Unnecessary data
Why save what humans can't hear?
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
LAN (Local Area Network)
Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, any others?
WAN (Wide Area Network)
Dial-up, Broad Band, Internet Backbone
Dial-Up Connection
Digital -> Analog -> Audio and back
Malware (Malicious Software)
Malicious - Intending or intended to do harm
Software to disrupt computer operation, usually to gather or steal information or destroy files/computers
User usually doesn't know its happening
How would you get it on your computer??
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