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Salesforce Five Mobile Truths v2

SalesForce presentation

Robert Duffner

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Salesforce Five Mobile Truths v2

The Five Mobile Truths
Director, Platform Mobile Strategy

LinkedIn: in/robertduffner
Twitter: @rduffner

Five Mobile Truths
For Building Killer Enterprise Mobile Apps.
To be mobile-first,
you have to be cloud-first.
Enterprise mobile apps
are data-driven.
Mobile is about
Mobile is about
the user experience.
4 weeks from project start to prototype

Meet with your stakeholders onsite

Full service mobile product development,
solution discovery, design, consulting, and implementation

The Trusted Cloud Platform for Enterprise Scale
Transactions Per Minute
Platform Transactions
60% Y/Y Growth
1.3 Billion transactions /day
World’s Leading Brands Trust Salesforce
95%+ Customer Satisfaction
100,000+ Customers
World’s #1 CRM
The perfect storm...
Reasons Why Software
is Eating the World
1: Apps are revolutionizing every industry
2: Mobile is driving massive adoption
3: Social is the new normal
90% Of All Enterprise Apps Will Be Mobile By 2017*
But Where Are All The
Enterprise Mobile Apps?
Mobile Truth #1
Mobile Extends Your Existing Data & Systems
Salesforce Platform
Mobile Services
Top Integration Points*
*Most common back office integration points for Salesforce customers
Top Integration Points
and Vendors
Source: Salesforce Internal
Mobile Has Given Rise
To Micro-Moments
Source: Gartner AADI Summit, “Mobile and Social:
Major Drivers of Your Web.” August 14-15, 2012.
Belle’s Micro Moment
20+ Responsive HTML
Mobile Designs
Web (HTML5) Mobile Apps
Developer Mobile Packs
Developer Design Templates
JavaScript & Visualforce
Branded Social Intranet Built Mobile First
Chatter Collaboration For Every Department
Business Users Update Content in Real-Time
• Mobile SDK for iOS & Android
• SmartStore for Encrypted Local Storage
• SmartSync for online/offline work
Native Mobile Apps
Connect Salesforce Data
with your Mobile Apps
Integrates with SAP to deliver real time, global visibility
Content on-the-go for surgeons
Compliance with legal & regulatory guidelines
Hybrid Mobile Apps
Develop in HTML & Javascript
Deploy in Enterprise Container
Distribute via Marketplaces
Start Now with Salesforce
Mobile Accelerator Program
4 weeks from project start to prototype
Meet with your stakeholders onsite
Full service mobile product development, solution discovery, design, consulting, and implementation
Micro Moments Drive Mobile App Design
Mobile Truth #2
Mobile Truth #3
Mobile Truth #4
Mobile Truth #5
12 x 7
Minutes each
4 x 36
Minutes each
19 x 1.2
Minutes each
Get Started With Your Mobile App Strategy
Identify the micro-moment
(Re)Imagine for mobile
Identify data
requirements & profiles
Identify best mobile dev strategy
(web, hybrid, native)
Rapid prototypes in html5
6:30 PM Registration

6:45 PM Five Mobile Truths –
Robert Duffner

7:30 PM Qubop: Mobile Apps & Strategy –
Chia Hwu & Evan Kirchhoff

8:30 PM Networking & Craft Beer Tasting

9:30 PM Event Ends

10% desktop-only
90% of enterprise apps will be desktop AND mobile
20% of enterprise apps are mobile
80% desktop-only
Robert Duffner
Iteration and agility
are critical.
Google Searches
Salesforce Transactions
Facebook Shares
Twitter Posts
App Store Downloads
Instagram posts
*Source: Gartner Predicts 2012
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