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To His Excellency, General Washington

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Brandy Steffen

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of To His Excellency, General Washington

Brandy Steffen & Michael Kitchen
To His Excellency, General Washington
Born in West Africa around 1753
Captured in 1761 and sold as a servant for the man's wife
The family gave her many books and soon, she mastered Latin & Greek
Published first poem in1767 and first volume of poetry in 1773 (2 years after To His Excellency)
Freed and married, she died Dec 5, 1784
Wheatley was simply thanking General
Washington for his bravery and noble efforts.
Why was this

The message of this poem is to thank General Washington for his bravery, and encourage him to keep taking the fight to the British. Wheatley was also telling him that he has almost been choosen by god to fight a "holy war". The poem was actually passed around the soldiers to give them hope and a reason to keep fighting under general Washington.
Armerican armies are as powerful as wind and as thick as leaves.
Bright beams of Heaven's light are meaning that it is a holy and important cause
Mother nature is described as an actual mother to the people of America
Symbols and Metaphors
Phillis Wheatly's
Early Life
Muse used to inspire to fight and create the work
"where high unfurled the ensign waves in air"= Flags representing the will to fight
Heaven being a promise land
Rhyme Scheme and Meter
AA, BB ,CC, DD.... Basic and line ryme scheme with consecutive pattern
Heroic, Iambic couplets (Each two lines tell a fferent part of the story.

analysis pt. 1
analysis pt. 2
"end the nations gaze at scenes before the unknowen" talks about how america doesnt know if it is going to beat the british or if they are going to gain their independence. At the time they were very out numbered by one of the most vast armies in the world.
Bright beams of heaven revolting the sorrows of the night, i believe, talks about how the colonists thought that god was on thier side and that they were fighting an almost holy war agenst the british.
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