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The City Of Ember

Sydney Pangelinan

melissa reese

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of The City Of Ember

When The City of
Ember was built
they had instructions for the mayor. The builders decided to send it in a secret box that only opens on the exact date,now the box has ended up at the back of a closet.Now it has opened. By:Sydney Pangelinan The City of Ember On Assignment Day Mayor Cole came in and said
"It is extremely important,for
all...work...of Ember...to be done. To be properly done." Everyone got different jobs. Lina wanted to get MESSENGER, instead
she got PIPEWORKS LABORER. The one who got MESSENGER was Doon. After class Lina bumped into Doon. Lina
and Doon used to be friends,they still
are friends but they just don't talk to
each other much. Doon wanted to
trade jobs with Lina. Doon said
he wanted to see the
GENERATOR. Doon saw the generator,it was a big machine that keeps the power running. Doon wasn't allowed to go to
the generator
Lina was coming home,
her grandma was sick.
After they checked she died. When they arrived
they sent a note
down in the city of Ember Doon and Lina took Doon's dad machine and found there way out of Ember
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