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No description

Joshua Ramirez

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Japan

Name of money:
Famous Landmarks
When tourists visit my country: Japan, this is where they visit.
Conversion to US dollars: 1 Yen = 0.0096 dollar(s)
monkey park
Bordering countries:
Russia,South Korea,
North Korea, and China
Continent: Asia
Capital: Tokyo
Type of government
Title page
Name of country: Japan
Name: Josh
Teacher's name: Mrs. Schneider
Date: 4/3/14
Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader: Chief, Emperor Akihito,
Head, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Japan's religion's: Shinto, and Buddhism
Holidays: Constitution Memorial day, and Greenery day
Sacred places: Ginkakuji, Nanzendi, and the Meidi Shrine
Rituals: Bowing, Dinner Etiquette, Tipping, Taking off shoes, and Public behavior
Famous Person
Oda Nobunaga
Fact 1: Oda was born in 1534
Fact 2: Oda's place of birth was in Owari Province, Japan
Fact 3: In 1560 he controlled all of Owari and defeated the neighboring overlord.
Fact 4: Oda succeeded in unifying all of Japan under the rule of the Shogun.
Fact 5: Oda succeeded his fathers estate.
Country's flag
What the colors symbolize: The red
circle in the middle of the flag means ,
brightness, sincerity, and warmth. The
white means purity, and honesty.
Emblem: Like I said, " The red circle in the middle of the flag means, brightness, sincerity, and warmth."
Fun and interesting fact !
" Since Japan is situated along the Pacific Ring of Fire, Japan experiences over 1,500 earthquakes a year !"
Emperor Akihito
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
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