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Alvin:2.0 An Extreme Makeover

By Andrew Lee

Sonic Boom

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Alvin:2.0 An Extreme Makeover

An Extreme Makeover Alvin's Accomplishments Alvin had been in use for about four decades. During these decades, Alvin located a hydrogen bomb lost in the Mediterranean Sea in 1966. It discovered deep-sea hydrothermal vents in the late 1970s and explored the Titanic in 1986. By Andrew Lee Alvin's Features Alvin weighs 37,400 lbs. It measures 23 ft 4 in in length, 11 ft and 10 in in height, and 8 ft 6 in in width. It has a cruising speed of 1 knot and a maximum speed of 2 knots. It has 5 hydraulic thrusters and an electrical system powered by lead-acid batteries. Alvin 2.0 Alvin 2.0 will have more space than it had before. It will have a greater payload and improved visibility. Alvin 2.0 will be able to go down to depths of about 6,500 meters while Alvin was only able to go down to about 4,500 meters. It will also be able to explore 99% of Earth's ocean floors with dives lasting to about 10 hours. A New Feature I Would Add I might add some small torpedoes to Alvin 2.0. I would add these torpedoes for when Alvin 2.0 might need to clear somethings in its way. An example might be when Alvin 2.0 needs to see something that is in a small space, so Alvin 2.0 might use the torpedoes to create a larger space. Citations http://www.corbisimages.com/images/Corbis-SF001975.jpg?size=67&uid=61823b2a-21e9-4556-a125-40a7c69f2aef
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