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Community Spirit Digital Advert

No description

Sam Henry

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Community Spirit Digital Advert

Community Spirit
My community Spirit event is all about bringing the community together. Just imagine a day where the local community can hang out and smile. If you could come I guarantee your charity will be more popular with the local community.
Pitch costs
There will be food available at the event such as burgers, cheeseburgers, chips, salad and hotdogs
There will also be drink available such as sprite, coke, fanta, fruit shoots and squash
The event is 2500 square meters big. Out of the 500 pitches there are 465 pitches left. Each pitch is 5m2 and costs £100 per pitch.
How many people are expected to attend?
The maximum capacity for people is 1000, 900 people are expected to attend. Out of the 900, 300 are children and 600 are adults.
When is community spirit?
How to hire a pitch
Whats in it for you?
By joining us on this event you will get increased popularity about your charity and it will be more well known to the local community. Also, because you have took your time to attend the event i guarantee that more people would want to give money for your charity. Thank you for watching this advert and we hope you can join us.
Community Spirit is on Saturday 22nd June 2013, Telford Town Centre, Town Park, Telford, TF3 4AQ, Gates open at 12am and close at 5pm

There will be attractions at the event such as aquazorbs, a bouncy castle, a surf simulator and a limbing wall
What charities are already coming
The charities what are already coming are
Dogs Trust, RSPCA and Hope house. So i guess you wouldn't want to get left out and let them get all the popularity?
There will be toilets at the event and a two generators if you need power at any time
To hire a pitch it costs £100. To hire this you can either ring 01952 678945, or email us at communityspirit@hotmai.co.uk.
Our Facebook- CommunitySpirit
OurTwitter- @CommunitySpirit

Ticket prices

There are 1000 tickets available. Adults tickets are £5.00 and child tickets are £2.50.
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