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James Lovell Jr.

No description

Kayla Brooks

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of James Lovell Jr.

James Lovell Jr. Learning Targets:

List events from James Lovell's life.
List interesting facts from his life.
Explain the missions he was on during his time for NASA. Bio:
Born March 25, 1928 in Cleveland, OH.

Education: Attended the University of Wisconsin (Madison). Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Naval Academy in 1952. Completed Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in 1971.

Family: Marilyn (wife), Barbara, James (Jay), Susan, and Jeffery (children), 10 grandkids

Has a major street named in his honor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Currently lives in Lake Forest, Illinois. His family operates an upscale restaurant in Lake Forest, called Lovell's.

Visited the North Pole (April 13, 1987) and South Pole (January, 2000)

Wrote "Lost Moon" (1994)

"Shoot for the Moon" Sources:
IMDb. "Jim Lovell (I) - Biography." The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). IMDb. Web. 05 May 2011. <http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0522554/bio>.
flew on two Gemini missions (Gemini 7 and Gemini 12) orbiting the Earth and also two Apollo trips on which he circled the moon. Lovell was on the first lunar orbit flight, Apollo 8 (1968), and the aborted Apollo 13 mission (1970).

Gemini 7: In 1962, Lovell was selected as a NASA astronaut. Lovell flew and Frank Borman commanded the 13.5-day Gemini 7 mission (Dec. 4, 1965 - Dec.18, 1965) which orbited the Earth 206 times. During this mission, they rendezvoused with Gemini 6A (flown by Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford) - this was the first rendezvous of two manned spacecraft

Gemini 12: Lovell commanded the 1966 Gemini 12 mission with pilot Buzz Aldrin. They launched on Nov 11, 1966 and landed on Nov. 15, 1966. This mission included a rendezvous and docking with an Agena satellite and a space walk by Aldrin. The flight was the last of the Gemini missions. Apollo 8: Frank Borman, Lovell, and William A. Anders flew the first manned mission orbiting the moon (December 21-27, 1968) on NASA's Apollo 8 mission. On this 6-day 3-hour mission, the crew were in lunar orbit for 20 hours (they made 10 orbits) and tested support facilities.

Apollo 13: Lovell, John L. Swigert, Jr., and Fred W. Haise, Jr. flew Apollo 13 mission from April 11-17, 1970. On this 5-day, 22.9-hour trip, the crew attempted the third lunar landing, the mission was aborted after a service module oxygen tank ruptured on the way to the moon (200,000 miles from Earth). Because of explosions, leaks, or other damage, the mission was critically low on breathable air, electrical power, fuel and water, and many of the spacecraft systems were not operational. The astronauts completed the trip in the small Lunar Module, Aquarius. They circled the moon once, and barely made it back to the Earth.

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