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Abercrombie and Fitch

An evaluation of potential market entry

Valentina Baud

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Abercrombie and Fitch

Step 1 Step 2 Obstacle 3 End of level Start A&F Product Perception - unique apparel company
Positioning - provocative marketing, target young people
Image and Brand Recognition - popular, "American way of life"
Limited Advertising Expenses
Distribution Channel Uniqueness - flagship store Austria has the better strategy to..... Abercrombie & Fitch An evaluation of a potential market entry Expansion overseas
Most growth achieved outside US Potential Markets Competitive strengths WARNING!! Agenda Current Situation
Potential Target Countries
Criteria Selection
Final Recommendations
Q&A Company Background
Current Situation Geography
Income Choose the right step in order to get to the next "level of life" Market attractiveness Political tariffs
Switzerland (non EU) - 13.2%
Austria (EU) - 11.5%
Economic - market size
Switzerland - 4.253.3m
Austria - 5.732.1 m
Economic - industry growth
Switzerland - past: 0.66% ; future: 1.96%
Austria - past: - 0.12% ; future 0.44% Social - age distribution (young adults)
Switzerland - 5.99% (474.737)
Austria - 5.57% (480.723)
Social - target market growth rate
Switzerland - 2010: - 6.61%
Austria - 2010: 6.23% Either you win the battle or you will be eaten up by competitor - monsters Q&A Thank you for your participation
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