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Dream House

No description

rachel macharsky

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Dream House

Where I would live: New York
Area: The Suburbs
3 Bedrooms
& a Bathroom
Master Bedroom
& Master Bathroom
BY: Rachel Macharsky
Dream House
Top Floor
Main Floor
& Yard
Kids room has a bunk bed, dresser, seats, small TV and walk in closet. I pick it for this room because a dresser for clothes/toys and a place they can hangout. I think its important to have buck bed to share it with a sibling at least once in your life.
Bedroom has a bed, night stand, 2 dressers, a teal chair and a walk in closet.
I pick it for this room because a person should have place just for them in the house. The chair to have space for someone company/for style.
Bedroom has a bed, night stand, dresser, orange chair and a closet. I pick it for this room because
has a sink, mirror, toilet, closet, and a shower. I pick it for this room because I would like to be flesh in front people.
master bedroom
has kingsize bed, 2 night stands, 2 dressers, 2 chairs, a walk in closet, TV and rug. I pick it for this room because when you walk into a master bedroom it should feel happy and roomy. The rug has 2 love birds with a nice color to match the 2 chairs. There are 2 dresser for the man than one for the woman and a TV to make it better.

master bathroom
has 2 sinks, a bathtub, closet, mirror and a toilet. I pick it for this room because 2 sink one for the man and one for the woman but they have to share the other things.
has rug, a coat rack/shoe rack, stairs that go up and go down stairs. I pick it for this room because its the first thing that people come into the house. The rug is colorful to get that happy feeling a coat rack/shoe rack to keep things clean.
has 3 desk with 3 computers, 3 chairs, book shelf, a light table, a whiteboard, a digital printer, 2 filling cabinets, more books and a trashcan. I pick it for this room because 3 desk, 3 computers with 3 chairs. A light table for art work from drawing and digital work. A whiteboard to put down the goal of the day and need to do.
living room
has 2 teal chair a brown couch, 2 glass tables, rug, a book shelf and a piano. I pick it for this room because it a nice place to talk to others hear some piano.
sun room
has a shelf, couch,
rocking chair, 2 big door going outside, chair, china cabinet and a rug. I pick it for this room because need a room that is nice, peaceful to think about the world and a place to take your Sunday naps.
family room
has a book shelf 2 speakers, a table for the TV, 2 yellow couch, 1 brown couch and a fire place. The
has trashcan, countertops, cabinets, sink, rug, stove, refrigerator, a pantry and table. I pick it for these rooms because I want it to feel open not closed in. It would be great for big party's. The couch's, rug as the color of the room and the paintings.
has a sink, mirror, shelf, toilet, rug and new paper. I pick it for this room because we all need to go its are human body nature.
laundry room
has shelf, a coat rack/shoe rack, shelf for clothes,a pail of clothes, a washer and a dryer. I pick it for this room because a place to put there shoe a place to fold and to clean laundry.
Top Floor
Main Floor & Yard
has 2 cars, 2 bike, yard tools and storage.
area to stay healthy. The
mini kitchen
for snacks and for storage.
Bathroom has a sink, mirror, toilet, bathtub. A bathroom than someone doesn't need to go back up stairs.
guest bedroom
has dresser, a bed and a closet. To have room for everyone that visit.
movie theater
has a lot of seats and surround sound for everyone to enjoy.
has a porch, a pool, lockers, fire pit and a basketball net. To have big partys, family over, play different sports.
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