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WIOC ALUMNI Introduction



on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of WIOC ALUMNI Introduction

WIOC ALUMNI Graduates of the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic WIOC Students Graduate!!! In clinic as Chiropractors!! What did we learn as students? Physiology embryology Practical skills Pathology Neurology Patient Managment skills Anatomy And a lot, lot more. We learnt all of this with the insight of evidence based practice! Most Chiropractors will endeavour to practice with EBP but
will not do the research stimulating and promoting it.... So; a charity for the WIOC Alumni has been formed to promote research and advance chiropractic education. How will this work? We will ask you to donate a small portion of you income to a
fund. This fund will then provide for fund research projects
already undertaken by the WIOC at PhD level, we will provide
equipment, help publish papers either in the WIOC or in the
Field and that is just the start. As we grow as an association we will endeavour to promote the WIOC Alumnus as an association, have online forums, newsletters regarding research, and form an organisation in which the members, on a majority rules basis can decide the direction of research and so the profession is going. We suggest that you give the price of
a treatment in your clinic once a month to the fund on a sliding scale basis. However please only give if you
feel comfortable with your current
financial climate-do not let it be a burden to you! What can we achieve? A lot!!! If everyone in our year gave £20 per month
for a year we would earn £16800 annually.
If half of all the current WIOC alumni gave £20 per month we would earn £72000 anually! We will take this to all present WIOC Alumni and we will welcome any help or suggestions. Thank you for your time.
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