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The noble gases

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 24 May 2018

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Transcript of The noble gases

The noble gases are all chemically unreactive gases. This because they already have a FULL OUTER SHELL of electrons (contains 8 electrons). This means they do not have to gain or lose electrons to become stable.
Do a little research. Find out the uses of the
first FOUR
Noble gases only.See if you can what PROPERTY the gas has that enables it to have that use. Write this down.
The noble gases
Argon makes up about 0.9 per cent of the air. It is one of a group of elements called the noble gases. The noble gases are in Group 0 or 8 of the periodic table.
The noble gases
Why unreactive?
To know the location, properties and uses of the noble gases
To know the reason behind the properties
24th May 2018
All elements or atoms in a compound want to have a ____ _____ _____. This will contain ___ electrons if it is the f____ shell or ___ if its the others. All of the group 8 0r 0 elements ALREADY have a f____ o_____ s____ so they don't react.
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