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The Plan

The Plan for a modern corporate IT

Valerio Di Giampietro

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of The Plan

For a modern corporate IT The Plan An IT for smart peoples Will their creativity excel on a dumbed down Windows laptop or a Blackberry mobile Phone? Somebody loves the grey, creativity killer IT Dumbed down PCs and Blackberrys have been invented for them! Expensive proprietary systems Cheap commodity hardware Cost of commodity hardware and storage has fallen dramatically; Open Source Software has enabled the building of infinitely scalable solutions Cloud Services and fast Internet Connections Cloud services, running on commodity hardware, enable to build highly scalable, fast to provision, simple, cheap IT solutions Environment Environment The Borderless Enterprise Suppliers, consultants, external mobile workers, all interacts with the enterprise IT: the client environment is out of IT Control Environment EXPENSIVE! CHEAP! Environment Environment Consumer products are better and fun to use Personal consumer products allow higher productivity and creativity and are so fun to use that employees love to use them everywhere, everytime Environment More Internet, less WAN Cloud services, suppliers, customers, consultants, mobile workers are on the Internet, not on WAN.
WAN is expensive, Internet is cheap
and permits VPNs Infrastructure More commodity storage, less expensive SAN The most powerful and scalable infrastructures are built on commodity hardware (Google, Facebook, Amazon ...), why invest in complexity and cost? Infrastructure Design scalable infrastructure for the cloud Cloud services are a big opportunity for fast provisioning and easily scaling of an IT infrastructure, but you need to "design for the cloud" Infrastructure Creativity and smartness are key factors for Company Success

Modern workers love their productivity tools and gadgets

Too restrictive and dumb policies kill their creativity and motivation

Controlling everything, restricting everything, forbidding everything kills the Company In a highly restrictive and grey environment, conformism is stimulated

Smart engineers don't like and stay away from this environment

Traditional companies, unable to change, are wasting the most important resource: the creativity of their peoples The old IT thinking that it's possible to deploy applications on a highly standardized client platform is broken

Consultants, suppliers and other external workers have to use company applications on their own devices

Company applications must be able to run on any standard compliant browser or device

Usage of modern way of sharing information (Dropbox, Google Apps etc) must be adopted, not forbidden Google, Amazon, Facebook have shown that powerful, infinitely scalable solutions can be built with cheap commoditized hardware and open source software

Corporate IT should carefully evaluate solutions based on very expensive hardware and high-end and expensive storage

Virtualization is a good think, but very expensive technologies are not always the best path to follow Amazon, Google and others have built a cheap and powerful cloud infrastructure using commoditized hardware

Corporate IT cannot compete with these offerings using expensive servers and Storage Area Networks and costly virtualization licenses

Fast Internet access is commonplace and relatively cheap, the trip to cloud services is really fast today Computer industry makes much more money on consumer products than on professional products

Without the burden of obsolete compatibility the progress of consumer devices is much faster

Consumer devices are much better designed, cheaper, fun to use and can dramatically boost productivity everywhere, everytime Customers, suppliers, consultants and mobile workers are already on Internet

Services have to be moved to the cloud, on the Internet

Who needs an expensive WAN when we can use cheap Internet and VPNs? As much as possible move services on the cloud

Design what remains to run on redundant array of commodity hardware and storage

Who needs an expensive Storage Area Network? May be a redesign is needed Don't trust push button solutions to move existing services to cloud

We have to redesign and design new services for the cloud to achieve fast provisioning and easy scaling

Not overnight, but in few years, moving everything (almost) on the cloud is cheap and feasible Fight to change Don't being afraid to Change is not enough, we must fight to change Don't get trapped by wrong technology: away from Microsoft, IBM etc.

Don't rule out Open Source solutions, often they are the best

Smart engineers are key factors for a successful company

"No One Ever Got Fired for Buying ..." is the opposite of what is needed in a Modern Corporate IT
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