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Uma's Story

No description

Katie Brooks

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Uma's Story

The main character in this story is a fourteen year old girl, Uma Kompter. Uma is shy and always tries to be different. She is a very nice person but she has trouble making friends. Uma loves watching netflix and hates being lonely. Also, her mom is a very important character because she helps her figure out what to do about the bullying.
More Characters
Uma's Story
Her Journey Through Cyberbullying
This creative story is about Uma Kompter, and her journey of bullying. During this short story Uma learns to deal with the haters and face her fears. She goes on a long and dark adventure to find peace in her life. The age level to read this book would be fifth grade to seventh grade.
One of the settings in this story is Uma's bedroom. She loves her bedroom. Her bedroom is where she spends all of her time outside of school. Her weekends, vacations and all of summer. She has no friends, so thats where she spends her time.
The other setting in the story is Uma's school. She hates her school a lot. She would enjoy school if people treated her like a real person. Her school is a important setting because this is where some of her bullying happens. Also, where she doesn't ever feel safe.
The other main characters in the story are the kids who bully Uma. They're people from her school and they start bullying her online and sometimes at school. They say rude words that make Uma very sad and not want to go to school anymore.
This story is about Uma trying to survive her horrible and tragic life. She hates her school, has no friends, and practically lives in her bed. Her mom is very concerned and says she can change schools. Also, her mom understands how hard it must be.
In the end Uma goes through many rough things in her life that make her a stronger person in many ways. Kids and teens any age can relate to this from experiences with bullying, and help with advice to stop it.
Plot (continued)
Uma eventually moves to a new school after her past experiences with bullying in her old school. Uma goes through a new, and fun journey in her new school and makes friends that she can trust, and hangout with. She ends up having a great life, enjoys every second of it, and doesnt
By: Brooke Thomas, Kaley Conlon, and Katie Brooks
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