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Science on European School Radio

Presented at 2nd Scientix Conference, Brussels, 24-26 October 2014

Eftychia Touliou

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Science on European School Radio

Science on
European School Radio

Idea of teachers at schools in Greece

Network of schools

Online 24/7 Streaming service from Greek School Network

Not a podcast, but web radio with daily programme

Platform for interschool partnerships in Europe

Digital Literacy

Information Literacy

Media Literacy

Science Literacy

Project Manager at ESR
2nd Scientix Conference, Brussels, 24-26 October 2014
What is European School Radio ?
Useful in STEM education?
Out of school... laboratories
Three aspects common to many socio scientific issues:

evaluation of evidence presented

consideration of risk and probability

environmental sustainability
Radio campaing “Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable fish”
throughEuropean School Radio
Teaching Biology through radio

The pupils gain knowledge for the terms Biodiversity, Sustainability in Aquatic Systems

The pupils get informed about the Evolution, diversity, mature age of fish

They take interviews from the Associate Professor of the Department of Aquaculture & Fisheries Management based on in Mesolloghi

It is aimed:
To give pupils knowledge about
to raise awareness about the
ecological consequences
in European seas and to mobilize the student population to participate in radio tribute

to understand the
extent of the problem
in European seas
To acquire
skills in creating collaborative learning

share their experiences with students from other schools
when listening to the broadcast and
directly commenting and encouraging for corresponding action

Pedagogical Targets
Curiosity of pupils around scientific issues

Pupils’ willing to learn in a creative way

Experience at radio producing through European School Radio

eTwinning partnership

1st Radio Broadcast: Cooperation with Technological Educational Institute of Messolonghi and Interschool Partnership with an Elementary School
Teleconference via skype- Quiz

Radio show’s preparation...
2nd Radio Broadcast: Debate on air adopting the roles given to pupils. The pupils represent three social groups
3rd Radio Broadcast: Greek Contest about the most creative sustainable radio spot through European School Radio
Visit in the laboratory and pupils raise questions
Pupils creation for the award!
the topic really fascinated the pupils
gave solutions
realised the social aspects
met a scientist
assessed scientific evidence
enjoyed the process
produced material and present their results
collaborated with schools in the network and discussed upon the issue

Envolve your students on science subjects in a more creative way.
Make an one-hour radio programme with your partner school.
Step 1: Theme

Step 2: Short
Step 3: Analysis
Step 3: Analysis
To exchange their reports and make use of those produced by their colleagues, the students prepare a script in English examining the content of their work.
They upload the script on their page.

Step 4: Interaction
Exchange extra material.

Step 5: Getting Prepared
Actively involved pupils in the process before broadcasting

Step 6: Co- production
Skype teleconference discussion
30-40 minutes

Step 7: Radio show
Final report (60 minutes)

Step 8: Pupils’ assessment
Pupils in teams prepare their evaluation and publish it on their page.

Science on
European School Radio

Eftychia Touliou, Teacher
Project Manager at ESR
2nd Scientix Conference, Brussels, 24-26 October 2014
Thank you !
Take Part
or just Listen
to the European School Radio

Eftychia Touliou, Teacher at College De la Salle
Why European School Radio ?
Pleasant way to learn

Pupils express themselves

Belong to a school community of peers

Feel creative while broadcasting

Make presentations and jugde their own work

Sharing the reports...
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