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Roman Abramovich

No description

James Walsh

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich
From Rags To Riches
Abramovich was born in Lithuania,
HEwas orphaned at a young age. His Jewish parents Irina and Arkady died before he was four
He was raised by his grandparents.
Abramovich dropped out of two colleges and served in the armybefore appearing in Moscow as a right-hand man to Boris Berezovsky.
Berezovsky had huge power under President Boris Yeltsin and amassed billions in the privitiation Soviet Union's industrial assets.
Abramovich in Bussiness
Abramovich's first business venture was selling plastic ducks from a Moscow apartment but within a few years he owned several oil conglomerates and numerous pig farms.
He also held a stake in Sibneft, one of Russia's largest oil firms,when it was bought by another oil company Abramovich made over $1.8 billion when he cashed in his shares.
His main sources of wealth are in oil, steel, and gold. He has a huge portfolio of real estate, jets, yachts, fast cars and paintings.
He also suspected arms dealer but has not been proven
Abramovich in Politics
He became governor of the far eastern Chukotka region in 2000 after winning 92 per cent of the vote.
While Abramovich's personal wealth is huge, the economic health of Chukotka is in stark contrast. The region is in economic crisis and has been declared bankrupt.
Abramovich spent millions from his own fortune on schools, new housing and infrastructure, an outlay he estimated at between £120-180 million.
He was also in President Yeltsin's inner circle and is a close personal friend with president Puton
Personal life
Abramovich has been married twice
In December 1987, he married Olga Yurevna Lysova they divorced in 1990
In October 1991, he married, Irina Vyacheslavovna Malandina. They divorced in 2007
Abramovich has two children with Zhukova, a son, Aaron Alexander, and a daughter, Leah Lou
Abramovich's Yacht
His House
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