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H20 Guardian

Ms. Cullins' 6th Period Marketing Essentials

Paige Sharrow

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of H20 Guardian

A Worthy Cause
From the years 2005-2009, approximately 10 people per day died in "unintentional drownings" or aquatic deaths not related to boating incidents. Children are at the highest risk of drowning.
A Methodical Approach
H20 Guardian visits schools and local events with the intent to teach people about potential hazards associated with recreational aquatic activities. Certified lifeguards and trained medical volunteers are assigned to 'chaperone' any public events where aquatic activities are involved. This method will help to reduce the number of "unintentional drownings" in public places where a lifeguard is not normally present.
Our Composition
H20 Guardian is composed entirely of trained and certified volunteers. Lifeguards, teachers, psychologists, and medical personnel are working diligently towards the cause of H20 Guardian: to promote general water safety in order to reduce the remarkably high mortality rate within and around Florida's waterways.
H20 Guardian is a nonprofit organization working to reduce the number of water-related deaths within local communities through hands-on activities and teaching methods.
Our Outreach
H20 Guardian also provides for free swimming lessons taught at a local pool by trained, certified volunteers. There is a child & teenage water safety and swim-lessons course, along with identical courses for adults.
With H20 Guardian in place, children learn about water safety and potentially dangerous water hazards right in their elementary schools. The classes taught in schools incorporate fun, age-appropriate teaching methods with the goal of promoting water safety and preventing aquatic deaths among children and families.

About the Contributors
Paige Sharrow
Digital Footprint:
My digital footprint includes Prezi presentations, school-related and required blogs, contests that I have entered, my parents' Facebook pages, and my personal accounts, which include Pandora, Gmail and iCloud accounts.
The Good: I would consider myself athletic, helpful, sincere and insightful.
The Bad: I would consider myself anxious, picky and stubborn.
The Ugly: I would consider myself very strict and occasionally forgetful.
In 10 years, I can picture myself in law school, or studying abroad. After college, I would like to pursue law.
Digital Footprint
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