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Special Occasion Speeches

No description

Emily Mishler

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Special Occasion Speeches

Special Occasion Speeches
To get started...
- Introduction
- Presentation
- Acceptance
- Commemorative
- After-dinner

Speeches of Introduction
Introduces the main speaker to the audience
Commemorative Speeches
pay tribute to a person, a group of people, an institution, or an idea
- Build enthusiasm for speaker
- Build enthusiasm for topics
- Be brief
Storytelling Game
Express feelings and stir sentiments

Introduction Activity
Work with language
After Dinner Speeches
used to entertain and make a thoughtful point about its subject in a lighthearted manner.
- Timing
- Entertainment Value
Vivid Language Game
& Conclusion
- Introduction
- Presentation
- Acceptance
- Commemorative
- After-dinner speech.
Fan Favorite Award Game
Acceptance Speeches
All about the:
- Brevity
- Humility
- Grace
Speeches of Presentation
presents someone with a gift, an award, or some other public recognition and a speech of acceptance is publicly giving thanks for that gift or award.
- Adapt to the audience & occasion
- Things to keep in mind
- Accepting the award or gift
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