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SPIFFest 2014 Sponsorship Deck

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Transcript of SPIFFest 2014 Sponsorship Deck

San Pedro International Film Festival
October 10-12, 2014
San Pedro:
The Los Angeles Waterfront
The San Pedro International Film Festival is set in the historic and charming downtown San Pedro, at the Port of Los Angeles. Once a bustling economic powerhouse and navy/military stop in the early part of the 1900’s,
In 2012, SPIFF hosted the very first Los Angeles screening of Silver Linings Playbook, before it went on to win numerous awards
(including an Oscar, AFI Movie of the Year, Golden Globe & SAG)!
Each year, SPIFF screens over 50 films, documentaries, shorts and panels at four venues: including the historic Warner Grand, the Grand Annex, the San Pedro Theater Club and the USS Iowa.
In 2013, SPIFF screened "Sitting Bull's Voice", which honored Ernie LaPointe, Chief Sitting Bull’s Great Grandson. The event was featured on the ABC 7 News.
like the Youth Film Intensive, throughout the year in the Harbor Area.
San Pedro recently celebrated it’s 125th anniversary and has matured into a major international port and tourist destination.
SPIFF's home theatre is the Warner Grand, which is a historic landmark built by Jack Warner in 1931.
This year's Youth Film Intensive program was incredibly successful at giving the youth of the Harbor Area an opportunity to learn about the filmmaking process as well as create their own short film under the direction of industry professionals.
Film Screenings
Music Performances
Interactive Events
VIP Access
Immerse Brand Experiences
Showcase your brand
through product placement, brand
immersion and on-site activation.
Enjoy rich and personalized film industry entertainment packages for your clients, partners and staff.
Customize Sponsorship Experience
Sponsors can choose from a number of initiatives to suite their social, environmental, educational and community goals
Year Round Exposure
SPIFF’s continued year round film programming is aimed at educating audiences on important issues
Request a Sponsorship Proposal
In the spirit of partnerships, we work closely with companies to create individually targeted sponsorship packages.

Sponsorships range from $5000 to $25,000. For a detailed proposal, contact sponsorship@SPIFFest.org

Current Sponsors
SPIFF supports the local community in numerous way, one being by providing free filmmaking education programs,
SPIFF stays active throughout the year by hosting:
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