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Analyzing Digestion

Had fun doing this :)

Chloe Magdaleno

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Analyzing Digestion

Analyzing Digestion
Part 4
a. Does amylase break down starch?
Amylase actually does break down starch or “digests” it into sugar. It's called the disaccharide maltose.

Part 3
MyPyramid and MyPlate look very similar since they show the same things such as the protein and grains and they are very much the same. They have the same information for everyday meals.
Part 1: Quick Lab
Part 2: Analyzing Data
1- Predict: Usually when you eat extra calories and don't exercise as much, that food turns into fat and you start to gain weight. So, my guess is Ryan will gain weight with less exercise and more calories.
b. do acidic conditions deactivate amylase?
Yes, since amylase helps break down starch and creates sugar, acidic conditions would stop that from happening, confusing the body and messing it up. The body would be filled with starch and less sugar.

c. How is stomach acid neutralized in the small intestine?
Bicarbonate from the pancreas, Duodenum secretes sodium bicarbonate neutralizes stomach acids.
2. For Ryan to meet his grain requirements, he would need to eat sweetened cereal, pasta and white bread. Choice A.
By Chloe Magdaleno
Date: 3.10.14
When I mixed the oil and water together, it swirled but then floated in circles to the top. When I added soap into the second test tube with the oil, they mixed together.
2. Bile helps break down fat, oil can be alternative to fat.
Part 5: YAY.
Okay so, digestion starts in the mouth where the saliva contains the digestive enzyme, amylase. Protein digestion breaks down with the pepsin enzyme.
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