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I remember yesterday

No description

Mike Graham

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of I remember yesterday

Allen County Farm Park Memories.
I remember at Allen County Farm Park we first made candles. Then we played a simulator game, I almost died from a wolf and a rattlesnake. Then at the end of the game I died. Then we made butter. Last we payed games. I won hit a rim with a stick.
Cavern Memories
I remember when we were at the Ohio Cavern's I roll down a hill. It was the biggest hill and funnest hill I rolled down. The third time I did it Aidan, Michael, Caleb, Hailey, Lucas, and Tyler rolled down the hill with me.
When I Did the Worm on 4 Desks, Two of Them Broke.
I remember when I did the worm on 4 desks. Evan told me not to do the worm on his desk. That day, Luke's desk broke. Then the next day Emma's desk broke.
Kickball Memories
I remember last week when I caught the ball twice when we had our kickball game. I was filled with joy when I caught the ball. Our team the kickball game.
Broken Arm Memories.
I remember when I broke my arm. My arm went numb. I started to cry because my arm started to hurt bad. I had to walk down to the nurse myself. Mrs.Langhals stopped me to blow my nose. Then I walked to the nurse.
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