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alyssa and grace

No description

lib hist

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of alyssa and grace

alyssa and grace
Jacob Parrott
He was born on July 17th, 1843 and was a Private in the Civil War. He was the first to receive the Medal Of Honor for his bravery. Jacob was one of the 19 out of 22 men who traveled 200 miles into enemy territory and captured a train, trying to destroy bridges and tracks. He also was captured with his fellow raiders and was beaten over 100 times to talk but he managed to keep his mouth shut. He expressed valor and sacrifice beyond the call of duty to infiltrate enemy possession and to endure brutal beatings to protect crucial information.
William Carney
He was born February 29, 1840 and was a Sergeant in the Civil War. when he was shot down he managed to plant the American Flag all the way at top a hill. When they were falling back he run up the hill a second time to retrieve the glorious flag while he was in war and wounded. He demonstrated colossal amounts of patriotism, loyalty to your country, and valor, bravery in the face of danger.
Henry Johnson
William Shemin
William was born in Bayonne new jersey, 1896, and was also a Sargent in world war 1. He left cover 3 different occasions, exposing himself to heavy machine gun and riffle fire, to rescue wounded soldiers. Then after all officers and non-commission officers had become casualties he took command of the platoon and displayed great initiative under fire until wounded August 9. All in all he expressed valor selflessness and honor towards his fellow troops and country to save men and lead platoon.
Henry was born in Alexandria, Virginia 1897, and also was a private in world war 1. He faught hand to hand combat against two german soldiers with only a knife and gravely injured himself to save his fellow wounded soldier from being dragged away by the enemy. After he rescued the soldier he continued to hold back larger enemy force until they retreated leaving weapons equipment and valuable intelligence. In the end Mr. Johnson sacrificed himself and showed honor towards his fellow soldier and country and that's what earned him the medal of honor.
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