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The negative responses people give to women who get abortions.

Sam Thurman

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Abortion

Double click anywhere & add an idea Reasons for Abortion Rape or Incest
Potential Health Problems
Social Reasons Types of Abortion Suction Aspiration Dilation and Curettage Dilation and Evacuation Inject lethal chemicals There are approximately 42 million abortions per year. 115,000 abortions per day 52% of abortions happen by the 9th week 1% of abortions happen at the 20th week of pregnancy Top 5 countries that have the most abortions 1. Russia
2. United States
3. India
4. Japan
5. France Black women are
3 times more likely
to have an aboriton
than white women Hispanic women are two
times more likely to have an abortion than white women Women 20-24 are the highest age group percentage to have an abortion Thesis: Abortion is considered deviant by society's social response to the act thus creating a negative social label.
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