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No description

Melody Houssiaux

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of KANBAN BOARDS

What's so great about KANBAN boards?
A more elaborate KANBAN board
What to write on the action cards?
understand what a KANBAN board is
learn how to use a KANBAN board
learn how to create a KANBAN board
brainstorm KANBAN board application ideas for Flow Group
Tangible vs. Digital KANBAN boards
How to create my KANBAN board
1. Establish my work flow
eg. To do, doing, done

2. Draw my KANBAN board

3. Establish my backlog/to do list
1 post-it per task/action

4. Establish my WIP limit
WIP will vary depending on activity etc.

5. Start using it & stick to WIP limit!

What does KANBAN mean?
A tool to efficiently visualize, organize, and complete work.

- help us visualise our work

- limit our work in progress (WIP)

- allow us to analyse our work

ultimately help us
work more efficiently!
Date when
added on board
Work item
(description of task)
Hard deadline
(if applicable)
Who is responsible
Estimated time
* = priority
** = panic
eg. Plan birthday party *
10 H

1. Panic features

2. Priority features

3. Hard deadline features
(only if deadline is at risk)

4. Oldest features
In what order to pull the action cards?
What is a KANBAN board?
Date task is
...analyse our work?
...visualise work?
Why is it important to...

... limit work in progress?
How can KANBAN help us?
Are you busy and yet nothing seems to get done?

Do you feel like your process isn’t as efficient as it could be?

Is it hard to answer
questions such as:

Where are we now?
When will it be done?
Who is working on what?
What should I be doing now?
pull vs. push
free time vs. capacity
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