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Ice Cream

No description

Noor Kamel

on 20 December 2016

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Transcript of Ice Cream

First authentic concoction resembling ice cream made in China during the Tang period.
A.D. 618-907
The idea of ice cream is thought to have come to Europe through trade. It becomes a great delicacy especially in France and Italy.
Soft serve ice cream is invented by Tom Carvel, the founder of Carvel brand ice cream and franchise.
a brief introduction to the history of ice cream
Although there has been controversy over the inventor, China has been proven over other countries in several ways. There is a fine line between flavored ice and ice cream. Flavored ice has been around since prehistoric times. juices were mixed with snow to create a delicacy for emperors and others at the top of the social status. Ice cream is made with a milk/dairy and is creamier and richer in taste. The chinese were the first to invent it, and with trade accelerating to towards the east of Asia, it was not long before Europe took the idea and adapted it into gelato and sorbets.
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First ice cream parlor opens in America.
the chinese used salt to lower the freezing point of the milk and
Rock Salt- used to melt ice. Contains NaCl. Naturally occurring; formed next to large bodies of water.
Ice(Water)- H2O Naturally Occurring. Essential for life.
Sugar-C6H12O6 + C6H12O6 => C12H22O11 + H2. Sugar is produced when glucose and fructose are combined by condensation. Throughout the process a water molecule is removed.
Vanilla- Comes from the natural plant Vanillin. Chemical Formula is C8H8O3
Milk- Milk does not necessarily have a chemical formula. It is a colloid of butter-fat molecules with fluid that is water based. There are too many components in milk for it to have a chemical formula.

by Noor Kamel
and Haneen Syed
Cookies 'n cream becomes the fastest growing new flavor in the history of ice cream industry
An Ancient Depiction of the Chinese Making Ice Cream
workers mixing together ingredients
this was probably building on the Emperors estate or an official's home
shaking the ice cream concoction to produce the creamy texture and freeze milk without it being a solid shape
Extras: About the Tang Dynasty
Other inventions of the Tang dynasty included:
air conditioning
cure for goiters
gas cylinders
ways to identify diabetes
mechanical clockwork/timepieces
automatons/ mechanical laborers
Easy At Home Ice Cream Tutorial
Invented intentionally for/by King T 'ang of Shang
The King kept 94 " ice men" to bring ice to the palace and make a fermented milk-based ice cream
Use in Medieval China
High class and royal families served ice cream as a delicacy
Presented as a luxury dessert at gatherings and banquets.
Few people knew how to make ice cream, making the quality of knowing how to create this treat treasured
Making ice cream for an official was a job that offered good income
Ice Cream in Modern Chinese Society
multiple parlors, vendors, and stores that sell ice cream
Black sesame ice cream is very popular in china and is considered a comfort food
Now ice cream is eaten universally and is made in thousands of flavors
People have been adding their creative twists to the classical Chinese concept of ice cream
Making and selling ice cream is a profession and businesses are created for this purpose
Influence and Use Across the World
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