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Introduction to eduScrum

No description

Jan Majoros

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to eduScrum

What is eduScrum?
"eduScrum is a framework for coaching students where the responsibility for the learning process is delegated from teachers to students."
eduScrum Team
Product Owner = Teacher
Student Teams = 4 students
eduScrum Master = one of the 4 students
eduScrum Events
The Sprint consists of:
1. Sprint Planning meeting + Team Formation
2. Stand Ups
3. Performing tasks
4. Sprint Review
5. Sprint Retrospective and Personal Reflexion
Stand Ups
What have I done to help the team achieve the Sprint goal since the previous class?
What will I do this class to help the team achieve the Sprint goal?
What are impediments that block me or the team to achieve the Sprint goal?
eduScrum Artifacts
Product Backlog
The "Flip" = Scrum Board
Definition of Done = DOD
Definition of Fun = DOF
eduScrum is based on Scrum and used in education
collaborative learning / co-creative learning
continuous improvement
Introduction to eduScrum
“We have great faith in young people. We are convinced that they wish more and are more capable than they themselves or many adults believe. eduScrum ensures that students get the most out of themselves and their team. That is what makes education worthwhile for anyone involved! The result is that young people respect each other as they are. So we hope that we can contribute to a better world.”
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