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No description

Claire Melady

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of SHAREPOINT

Skydrive Pro!
Sharepoint- the facts!
Skydrive Pro
Sharepoint Intranet

Sharepoint- the facts!
An exciting new cloud-based tool with 2 distinct functions:
Skydrive Pro- Shared document repository (25GB storage per person)
Sharepoint team sites- Each team will have their own intranet site displaying org chart, announcements, holiday trackers etc. A dedicated team member will be in charge of updating their own site on a regular basis.
Rollout Dublin: Early Jan 2014
Rollout France: Early Feb 2014

Each team will have their own dedicated site for all things related to them; updates, announcements, who's who with 1 dedicated person per team in charge of updating your site on a regular basis.
Our shared document repository will be more streamlined & managed to ensure consistency in the folder structures.
The team intranet sites will improve communication between teams & keep everyone up to date on what's happening within the office!

Each team will have their own dedicated intranet page with updates, announcements, photos, org charts etc.
Each site will loosely follow the same template to ensure consistency.
Each user will have 500 MB to save docs on the intranet site (team-specific templates)
Link can be posted on Sharepoint site to direct users to documents on Skydrive.
Skydrive folders will follow standardised templates to ensure consistency across all teams.
We want to avoid using it as a location to store old/defunct documents/files.
We want only current documents that are being used & referenced. All others will be archived on the network.
Ability to:
Follow documents/people
Share with groups/individuals/external parties
Leave comments on documents
Check out documents for editing
Follow audit trail of versioning per document
Place a time limit on documents before auto-archiving
Place different access rights on documents per user
Before & After
Smartfiles VS Sharepoint
Network based- document repository
No archiving system
No document versioning
Complicated access control process
No capacity management

Ability to follow documents & people
Ability to leave comments on documents
Fully integrated with MS Outlook & Lync

Document Control
Archiving functionality
Possibility to sync with desktop to have back up of documents
Capacity management; each user will need to archive documents once their personal capacity has been reached.
Ability to assign different access right to different users (read/edit etc)
Ability to invite users/group (internal or external) to documents
Automatic document versioning
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