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Carbon Oxygen Cycle

No description

amanda hon

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Carbon Oxygen Cycle

My biosphere
Creating its own nitrates and nitrites to live
bacteria living in the soil
Growing stage

Nitrogen Cycle
Nitrogen Cycle
My biosphere
converting atmospheric nitrogen
ammonia or NH3

My biosphere
Creating these acids from the nitrates and the nitrites
I tested the PH levels
It wasn't to high

First stage
a process by which gaseous nitrogen is converted to ammonia
Second stage
Other bacterias use ammonia to create nitrates and nitrites
Oxygen and nitrogen containing compounds
Ammonium is oxidized to NO2
Further oxidized to NO3

Stage three

In which plants and animals incorporate NO3 and ammonia through fixation
Amino acids
Used to make protein for the plant

Fourth Stage
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