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No description

Thomas Hoyland

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Referencing

Referencing is super important for FOUR main reasons:
There are several methods for referencing. HUBS uses the Harvard system. It's quite simple but you MUST follow the rules!
What do I reference?
The reader can go and find the source for themselves.
"Oooh! That sounds interesting! I would like to read that"
The reader can understand where the idea came from.
The reader can form their own opinion of your interpretation.
I agree! I think that is what they meant.
Hmmmm, I am not quite so sure they meant that.
The tutor can see you have
read widely on the subject.
Evidence of wide reading & self directed research are important for higher grades!
Good referencing makes the tutor happy and helps avoid plagiarism allegations!
Why, How, and What
For simple instructions on how to reference, download the PDF below.
Lawton, A. (2008), ‘The language of ethics: understanding public service ethics through discourse.’ Public Integrity (II): 45– 62.
Article title
Journal name
Page number
The author & date
Facts and figures you found somewhere
Exact quotes
Other people's work which you have written in your own words (paraphrased)
Summary of someone else's ideas
Don't make a tutor cry reference properly
For further help and advice USE the following:
The Skills Team
The HUBS Skills Handbook
How to reference in the body of your text
1. Paraphrasing
2. Long quotes
3. Short quotes
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