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English Presentation

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Samantha Norman

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of English Presentation

People Unaware Many people don't realize what kind of chemicals and pesticides are in their foods. Plants and Animals "The toxic effects of chemicals have reduced all species'
abilities to survive and reproduce" Pesticides can hurt plants
and animals which come in contact
with them Organic Environment Pesticides can linger around
for years and destroy
the Earth's atmosphere Pesticides can penetrate into
the soil and can infect the water
systems of our society Our Health Studies show that organically
grown produce has more
vitamins and polyphenols Organic is a better option for
pregnant woman Natural > Chemically Enhanced Pesticides can lead
to health issues Do you know what you are eating? Cost Better to buy natural, organic
food rather than spending money
on vitamin supplements $$ vs. Health Would you eat something
that is sprayed with a pesticide so
harmful that the people dealing with
it have to wear masks? Not all organic or naturally
grown food tastes bad Ways to start going organic: *Buy organic or natural foods when possible *Grow your own produce or food from local farmers *Organic nutrition beats vitamin supplements
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