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Challenger Explosion

No description

Eli Muhammad

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Challenger Explosion

Challenger Explosion
By Eli and Phil
Great Moments in History Project
What,where,and when it happened
January 28, 1986
Issues prior to launch
NASA wanted to launch the challenger for many reasons:
Political Pressures
Economic Considerations
Competition with Europe
Rushed the launch due to the European competition
Delays to launch
The first delay occured due to rain and cold temperatures expected to come prior to the launch.
One other delay happened when the O-Ring had some erosion in the boosters joints.
The night before launch
The temperatures for the next launch date were expected to be in the low 20's.
Thoikol,one of the people that worked on the rocket boosters,said that the low temperatures could make the O-ringsand boosters problems worse.
The night before launch continued...
Thiokol's Engineering Vice President Bob Lund, said that there was no data of the boosters and the O-rings in a temperature lower than 53 degrees.
Meaning that there was no proof of it being unsafe to launch.
People involved in the challenger launch

Larry Mulloy-challenged the engineers' decision not to launch
Morton Thiokol-contracted to build the solid rocket booster
Alan McDonald-directed the Solid Rocket Motors project
Bob Lund-Engineerng Vice President
Robert Ebeling-Worked under McDonald
Robert Boisjoly-Worked under McDonald
Joe Kilminster-engineer in a management position
Jerald Mason-encouraged Lung to reassess his decision not to launch
7 people were involved and killed
in the explosion within a minute of flight
Space Shuttle called the Challenger, malfunctioned and exploded
Took place at the Marshall Space Flight Center
The launch
Over night,the temperatures dropped as low as 8 degrees.An ice inspection team said that the water pipes on the launch platform could freeze over and said that this could cause big problems.
The launch contined...
Desite the situation, the launch director decided to launch anyway.
At launch,the impact of ignition broke loose a shower of ice from the launch platform.
Miliseconds after ignition,the challenger lifted off. The right booster started to have smoke come out of it.
59 seconds in flight,thechallenger got hit by a violent wind, hundrends of propellant was ignited,
which caused the shuttle to get torn apart
Impact on American history
Sharon McAulffe
Gregory Jarvis
Judy Resnik
Dick Scobee
Ronald McNair
Michael Smith
Ellison Onizuka
Passengers on the challenger
Engineering crew
NASA learned of the many vulnerabilities that the space shuttle had.Showed the dangers of space travel.
NASA learned that space exploration takes a lot of money
15.5 billion budget for the shuttle
Our Opinions
I think that this explosion really opened the eyes of NASA on pacing themselves and not rushing the shuttle's launch as well as the budget~ Eli
I think the explosion was very tragic but I am glad that America has learned from it and NASA shouldn't have rushed the challenger's launch~Phillypoo
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