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Game characters

mario and luigi

Ivan Lopez

on 2 October 2011

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Transcript of Game characters

Game characters Luigi facts
taller than Mario
wears all the same colors as Mario but instead of red he wears green Mario facts
wears red,blue,yellow,brown and white
looks same as Luigi but is smaller and wears different colors Ice Mario is a form that Mario takes upon touching an Ice Flower in Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros,Wii. Fire Mario and Fire Luigi are the forms Mario and Luigi take after powering up with a Fire Flower. The form was first introduced in Super Mario Bros., and is one of the few forms to appear in more than one game. Between the two games, both the appearance and abilities of Ice Mario vary greatly. Are Mario and Luigi brothers? Luigi and Mario are indeed brothers.
Mario is the older brother and Luigi the younger brother. Are'nt Mario and Luigi awesome?
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