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speed, meth, crank, crystal meth.

Linda Chang

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Methamphetamines

They can be in the form of.. Methamphetamines Stimulants similar to 'ampetamines' Speed is either swallowed, snorted or injected. meth and/or speed are
both examples of ampetamines. Powder capsules/tablets red liquid crystals Usually has a strong smell and bitter taste. Packaged in aluminium foil How are they sold? Plastic bags Small balloons These are the three main ways on how they are sold on the streets. What are some street names? Speed up fast louee goey Why are they used? Purposely to get high to boost self-confidence. reduces tiredness and increases endurance they can be prescribed for medical purposes to help people with narcolepsy and adhd. How they are taken? Commonly swallowed injected snorted/sniffed smoked crank chalk zip cristy Where is it manufactured and distributed? Both domestically produced and imported into the U.s The market now includes both local producers and Mexican sources providing the finished product to stateside distributors. It still rises in the Northeast areas. How is meth made? Process is required from precursor substances which is easier and more accessible. There are various recipes and information about making meth. The drug can be made in a lab. Annually, meth teaches ten other people how to make this drug. Starts as a compound then other chemicals are added to produce the drug. Who uses meth? Oftenly teens/students; college highschool Under 18 years old
18-23 years old
23-30 years old
30-40 years old
40+ years old. 24%
6% Do teens often use this drug? Studies say, its becoming more popular for people at the age of 18 and younger. why? why? why? Its cheap Safer Lasts longer What ingredients are added? Alcohol gasoline/rubbing ether white gasoline camp stove fuel acetone anhydrouse ammonia phenylpropanolamine chloroform rock, table or epsom salt Iodine crystals muraitic acid battery acid lithium from batteries sodium metal cold tablets diet aids Iodine energy boosters amphetamines can result different disorders such as paranoia, hullucinations, delusions. Etc. Why is it so dangerous? How does it affect the person? Overall, the drug follows through to your central nervous system. These effects last from 4-24 hours. After taking the drug for a long time it damages your brain in fundamental and results long-term effects. Side effects? What is it? A stimulant, sensitive to the central nervous system. As a result, 876 deaths come from the use of meth. This drug works towards the brain and spinal cord. Interacts with normal neurotransmission. Neurotransmitters are chemical substances produced by nerve cell, which are used to communitcate with each other to send messages. Resulting the actions of our thinking along with other systems in our body. It can also be mixed with marijuana and/or cocane. Maybe you've seen them without noticing. Constant movement. Nonstop conversations. Repetitive behaviour. Agressive/violent. Irritable. Anxiousness. Nervousness. Starts to pull skin/hair. Moody. Weightloss along with sleeplessness. Emotional breakdowns; depression. Strong odors similar to nailpolish remover or cat urine. Holds aLot of products in their household such as.. Cold medicines. Antifreeze Coffee filters. Batteries. Duct tape. Clear glass beakers. Containers. Or have you seen neighbors with blacked out windows all the time? Lantern fuel. Drain cleaner. Why do people start using meth? -Family problems- -Loss of job/s- -Low education- -Took part of a criminal activity- -For more motivation- -For physical and mental purposes- -Woman in general use meth to lose weight- -To stay energized- -Less expensive- -Easier to buy, accessible- Meth rots people's bodies; teeth, face & the rest of the inside. Once you get addicted, it's hard to stop because you easily get used to your behaviour, feelings, & the way your mind thinks. It takes over your body, & you don't realize how it changes you for the worse. How long does it last? Long term affects: Depression/suicide association. Heart disease. Violent behaviour. Impaired attention. Schiznophernia Anxiety. Short Term Affects: Produces euphoria. Paranoia. Decreased appetite. Increased alertness. Increased endurance. After effects? Alters moodswings, usually depends on the intake. An intense rush or flash feeling. -By smoking/injecting- You get a 5-10 second of intense rush through your body. -By snorting + other methods- Lasts between 3-5 minutes. -Oral use- Results effects from 15-20 min. All in all, it can vary for 4-12 hours or even more. Lack of sleep = common insomnia. stay awake Physical Effects Heart/respirtory rate increases. High blood pressure. Dizziness Blurry vision. Dilated pupils Hyperness Dry mouth Headaches Fevers Constipation Twitching Numbness Acne Seizures Strokes Affects on the brain. Chronic abuse changes the brain and reduces motor performance and impaired verbal learning. Studies in chronic methamphetamine abusers say that severe structural and functional changes in areas related to the brain can result emotion and memory problems. It is a white, odorless, crystalline powder. 69.2% of teens and adults die from Methamphetamine usage each year.
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