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story ideas

No description

illie Kasel

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of story ideas

Story Ideas Characters Faravenelvain Faravenelvain: Beautiful sky-hunter

Arvaineth: Noble and Beautiful

Víriel: Daughter of the gentle breeze

Indilwen: Lily maiden Titles High priestess of Manwë
Ambassador of Gondrin
Second Daughter of Aragone
Feared Assassin and Ranger
Royal Bird Care Taker
Common Name: Faravenelvain

Nickname: Fara

Court Name: Arvaineth

High Priestess: Víriel

Traveler: Indilwen

Ranger/Assassin: The Hawk
Characteristics Very independent and clever person
Loves to travel, it is very hard for her to stay in one place for long.
Can transform into any bird of prey, most of the time it is a golden eagle.
Puts all Suitors through a test, to make sure they can deal with her life style.
Can fight with virtually any weapon, though her favorite is two long knives.
Relations Father: Aragone
Mother: Arwa
Brother: Eldarion (older)
Sisters: Maethorwen (older), Nestoreth (younger)
Guardian: Thôrion
Suitors: Banion, Angolamba (Ango), Leoflic, Lithen
Feathers in the hair
are cool Her two short swords
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