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Segmenting a Market

No description

Harrison Scofield

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Segmenting a Market

Background: upper-middle class, come from metropolitan areas
Appearance: khaki shorts, Sperry’s, organization t-shirts
Goals: fit in with social groups, gain connections
Values: community service, acceptance, social
Groups: fraternity or sorority, involved in philanthropic events
Drive nice vehicles
Enjoy golfing, watching sports, and drinking
Like mainstream music

Ag Business
Background: raised in a smaller, more rural area
Goals: learn how to manage and cultivate land, one day own property
Values: conservative, friendly
Groups: Texas Trophy Hunters, Ducks Unlimited, 4H
Enjoy hunting and fishing
Drink domestic light beer
Like country music
Segmenting a Market
Travis Melvin, Katelyn Pope, Mary Reichert, Harrison Scofield
Group M4

Research Methods
8 interviewees from different segments
Interview Questions
Background information on interviewee
Describe average business student
Label different groups of different types of business students
Corps, greeks, ag business, overachievers/over involved, floaters
Background, extracurricular, brands, products, cars, TV shows, values, political affiliation, and jobs
Background: smaller hometowns, Aggie family tradition, some need the scholarships
Appearance: uniform, never have backpacks, physically fit
Goals: some interested in military
Values: discipline, love traditions, patriotic, hardworking
Groups: usually less involved, focused on corps
Drive trucks
Background: suburbs
Appearance: usually something comfortable
Goals: just hoping for a job out of college
Values: convenience, believe that everything will work out, less opinionated and conservative
Groups: pick something relevant to major but don't do anything
Opportunities for Greeks
5,000 students
Extroverted, work well with others
Good communicators
Dress and act professionally
Traditional or conservative values
Involved in student organizations
Ambitious, goal-driven
Up-to-date on current events
Most accessible market segment to us

Mays Business School Students
Move career fair back to Wehner
Give incentives to get this group to career fair
Likely to see TV advertisements on Sports Center, Comedy Central
Quick & easy tutoring cram sessions
Less unified so harder to target
Opportunities for Floaters
Opportunities for Corps
Inexpensive nice watches
Need to grab attention quick, they're always busy
Wrinkle/stain free clothing
Cheaper professional attire
Opportunities for Overachievers
Overachiever/Over Involved
Background: upper-middle class, come from metropolitan areas
Appearance: dress professionally
Highly ambitious goals
Values: hard work ethic
Leadership position in organizations
Sit in front of class
Enjoy reading in their spare time
Usually busy
No backpacks- market as a standardized backpack or brief case for the whole corps
Patriotic, emotional appeals entice this segment
Anything with maroon on it
Most identify themselves by what they're involved in
Ag Business
Greek Life
Some people overlap in categories
All identify proudly as business students
Cool free tshirts
Free koozies
Customization of clothing
Sponsor philanthropic events
Speak at meetings
Opportunities for Ag Business
Camouflage-this group is largest group of hunters so camo themed apparel appeals to their interests
Rugged Brands-this group appreciates toughness and ruggedness
Brands that represent rural areas or small towns are also of interest
"probably work for parents or family"
Texas A&M Distribution
Greek Life Breakdown
"Most of us want to own our own ranch some day"
"Do they even watch TV?"
"Burn time all the time"
"Achieving excellence important, less on balanced lifestyle"
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