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We Did It - We've adopted a giraffe

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Training 1029

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of We Did It - We've adopted a giraffe

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
It started as an idea, then MOA got on board
Karleen, internal comms, Council Facilities 'Head Giraffe Keeper' supported us
was set up to receive pledges
MOA bank account for donations
Weekly postings on Daily Planit, BuySellExchange, Yammer, MOA website
Giraff-o-meter tracking donations
Mr Whippy Fundraising Day
Gi-Raffle with great prizes
Christchurch Stands Tall
50 tall and 2 small giraffe sculptures auctioned off for almost $500,000
We successfully bid them all over $6000, but didn't win one
A week after the auction we were offered the last blank giraffe

Giraffes popped up all over town
Fundraising for Auction
Design for the Naked Giraffe
Blankie left the Council building where it had been sleeping
Getting a Personality and a Makeover
we made this happen

Loyal to Christchurch
Thanks for coming to the party to Welcome Piriponu to her new home
Where are they now?
19 designs were submitted by staff and artists who painted other giraffes
A design by Jane McIntosh, artist who painted Aroha Love Canterbury, was selected
Blankie went to live in Culverden to get a makeover and a personality
a work-in-progress and a labour of love
We Did It! Welcome Home Blankie!
Welcome Home
Auction night at the Casino
... successfully bidding all the giraffes up over our budget.
Auction night at the Casino
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