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BEAR Rescue Robot

No description

owen joyner

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of BEAR Rescue Robot

BEAR The Future of Search and Rescue BEAR to the Rescue The BEAR rescue robot mimics field medics and can carry injured soldiers to help. This robot helps saves lives without costing another injury or death. Our estimation is that BEAR will be able to defend itself for example if it were able to have guns attached to itself. Master Controls Jobs and Joints This robot (BEAR) is capable of extracting injured soldiers weighing up to 500 pounds. BEAR can also handle many hazardous materials. BEAR also has many joints such as two sets of tracked legs on each side and can use its ankles to balance itself This robot can be controlled using a remote control. Advantages and Disadvantages Sensors This robot has infrared sensors to detect hidden objects. It can detect missiles and other bombs. Some advantages to this robot is that it isn't a human doing the harmful job so the human doesn't get harmed or killed. Some Disadvantages is that it will be harder to tell the robot what to do than a human. B.E.A.R in the future
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