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Plate Tectonics

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joseph Holmes

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics
Its Theories

Plate Tectonics and its theories
Important Vocabulary Words
interesting facts on plate tectonics

Subduction zones
- are zones where two oceanic plates collide and the younger of the two plates because it is less dense will ride over the other plate
Mid-ocean ridges
- Are under water mountain ranges
earths mantle
The mantle is one of the three main layers of the Earth. It lies between the innermost layer, the core, and the thin outermost layer, the crust.
Subduction zone

continental drift
- is the theory that the continents slowly drifted away over a period of millions of years through plate tectonics
the theory of Plate tectonics suggests that that the top layer of the earth, called the lithosphere, is divided into several sections called plates that float on top of the asthenosphere a layer of hot liquid rock called magma that slowly moves apart. Approximately 1-10 centimeters per year.
The theory of plate tectonics has had the same impact on geology what Charles Darwins theory of evolution did for biology
from volcanoes in the Himalaya mountains to the Hawaiian islands, many parts of the world owe their existence to the dynamics of plate tectonics, according to the theory of plate tectonics.
informational video
In this picture you can see the old crust is submerging and hot rock is rising heated by the earths core
this image shows the plates

during plate tectonics mountain ranges are formed
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