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Adult Learners

Workshop for returning students

C. Kay Uhles

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Adult Learners

2.Sitting through a boring class... 1. Dealing with the Financial Aid Office...
...is like dealing with your banker or mortgage company. ... is like sitting through a boring meeting. 3. Going to the Registrar's Office for your records... ...is like going... 4. Writing a paper for class... is like writing a monthly report for your boss. 5. Doing a Biology lab... ... is like patching up Fido... 6. Group projects ... are the same at school as they are at work... One may be an... 7. Studying should be a breeze! Think of all the homework you've helped your children with! 8. Geology class... is like playing in the mud... 9. You should ace Introduction to Computers... if you've ever had to set up a home computer. 10. Eating in the Student Union... ...is alot like eating at home... ADULTS RETURNING TO SCHOOL another may be a... ...noisy... ...and messy... ...but with more variety. after he's had a run-in with the neighbor's cat.
...with your children. ...to the You can do it! School is a lot like life! You've done life! You can do school! IT'S WORTH IT!!!
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