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Extra Credit

No description

melanie mayorga

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Extra Credit

The designer Room is like the nucleus. This room is where all the shoe designs are held. The shoes are made on the factory floor. the factory floor acts as the ribosomes in an animal cell. When the shoes are made. They are sent out by the company to their company stores to be sold. They are packaged and sent out to be sold all over the world. This step is similar to the steps the Golgi Apparatus does. Sometimes the shoes come out deformed. When they come out that way, they are normally sent to discount stores. Not saying all items at discount stores are "rejects", but most are. These stores act as the Lysosomes. In a factory, certain areas are in charge of
certain items. Conveyer belts are used to move
around the shoes to certain work places to get
what they need. Kind of like the E.R. How A Nike Factory is Like an Animal Cell Most factories still run on fossil fuel
so do most NIKE factories. The fossil fuel is the source of energy the factories use. This acts as the Mitochondria. The walls of the factory work as the Cell Membrane. They keep out all the "junk" the cell dose not need. It dose keep in and let in nutrients it needs. Just like cells, factories need organizers.
In cells we call these centriales, in regular
life we would just call them organizers. Nike
Factories need these in order to keep production going.
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