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PM Webinar 1301

Project Management Webinar prepared by LB Associates 10/12.

Lou Bergner

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of PM Webinar 1301

Project Management Overview Adding Activities, Resources and the Budget WBS Format 1 – Org Chart Application for the PMP Certification Exam Thank you! Plan Risk Responses Prioritizing Risks Some risks are bigger than others
Rank the risks
Expected monetary impact
Expected schedule impact
Qualitative – relative ranking
Quantitative – quantify the impact WBS – the starting point Change Requests and Tradeoffs Changes to any part of the triple constraint require changes in one or more of the others
For example – adding to the scope requires an increase in cost and/or time Definitions Project – a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result
Constraints – limitations, internal or external
Assumptions – factors that, for planning purposes are considered to be true, real, or certain without proof or demonstration
Triple Constraint Maintaining PMP Certification Certification period – 3 years
Continuing professional development
60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every 3 years
Contribution to the profession
$60 fee Project Management Training 35 Contact hours or project management training Process Groups Initiation
Monitoring and Controlling
Closing Agenda Project Management Professional Exam (PMP)
Triple Constraint
Risk Management prepared by
LB Associates
putting process in your project management Wrap-up Triple Constraint
Scope – WBS
Time – Schedule
Cost – Budget
Risk Monitor and Control Risks Risks change
Update the risk register
Reassess risks
Identify new risks
Risk Audits
Reserve Analysis Identify Risks Start a risk register
Identify as many risks as possible
Review lessons learned
Review checklists
Examine assumptions
Diagramming techniques
Categorize the risks
Identify trigger events Simplified Risk Management Steps (remember I Prefer Safe Management)
Monitor Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Hierarchical list of project deliverables
Ultimate definition of project scope
Use only nouns
If it is not on the WBS it is not happening Stakeholder
Expectations Triple Constraint Major Causes of Project Failure Lack of senior management support
Poor scope definition
Lack of user participation
Failure to use formal risk management

Standish Group – 2009 CHAOS Report Summary Cost PMI members
Exam $405
Membership $125
Local Chapter membership $ 25 – optional
TOTAL $555
Exam $555 Education and Experience Bachelors degree – 4500 hours of project management experience experience – in last 8 years
Spread over at least 36 months
Some experience in each process group
High School diploma – 7500 hours of project management experience experience – in last 8 years
Spread over at least 60 months
Some experience in each process group Facilitator – Lou Bergner MBA
20+ years of project management and business analysis experience
Worked in a variety of industries with diverse work groups in many countries
Phone: 705-812-1372
Cell: 425-417-2526
Email: loubergner@lbassociates.biz STAKEHOLDER
EXPECTATIONS COST TIME SCOPE Triple Constraint You can have it fast, cheap
or good… pick two Stakeholder
Expectations Scope / Quality Time Cost *PMBOK, 4th edition, Glossary
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