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Disney Princesses Presentation

No description

Miranda Casey

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Disney Princesses Presentation

Reliance upon men
House bound obedience
Physical apprearance
Video examples Overview of
Presentation Falls victim when her father wanders upon the Beast’s castle, and Belle as the loving female character she is, she saves her father by taking his place as Beast’s prisoner

The Beast, although seen as the villain in the beginning ends up saving Belle from being attacked by wolves after scaring her into the woods Beauty and the Beast Disney Princesses and Household Chores Brant 1.)Tiana-She believes that’s she has to work at what she wants in order to get it, and is smart. 2.) Belle-She is book smart but she is not street smart. 3.) Mulan- Is very smart and she has a lot of knowledge in fighting and ancestor. 4.) Cinderella- Is smart in a sense that she has motherly instincts and family beliefs. Princesses Intelligence All of these princesses are tall, thin, wear only dresses, have perfect hair, and have perfect skin. Arora These are the princesses that are considered different through various opininated traits, features and their ethnicities. The "Different" Princesses Reliance on Male Figures Gaston Naturally strong and heroic, devotes a song to how manly he is

He is forceful in assumes that Belle will marry him without any questions asked he refers to her as his “little wife” Snow White: Whistle While you Work Disney
Princesses Presented by:
Miranda Casey, Mollie SinClaire
Christina Melo and Brant Sherwood The Princesses initially become the victim in most Disney Fairytales

The male figures fit the role of “hero” or Prince Belle Beauty and the Beast (continued) Characteristics of being very domestic, they seem to enjoy household chores. Classic Princesses- Snow White and Cinderella

(Victims of Time) --> (Roles Change) Disney Princesses and their attractiveness. Ever noticed how every princess if thin, has clear compextion, and have the attention of men? Here are some examples of specific princesses and how these attributes are primitive in their character and then have you decide if this is ok, or not ok. VS. Snow White Rupunzel Cinderella Belle Mulan Ariel Jasmine Pochahontes Tianna 5.)Jasmine-She is very smart with people and has many people skills. She knows when to leave and when to stay. 6.)Pocahontas-She is smart with her way of being able to work around obstacles. 7.)Ariel- has a lot of common knowledge and is a leader. 8.)Aurora- is not very smart and is more of a girl that stands back and just observes. 11.)Snow White-she is smart in a sense of knowing how to take car of things and taking control of a house. Princesses Intelligence Work Cited "The Smartest Disney Princesses." - Disney Princess. Fanpop, n.d. Web. 03 May 2013."Disney Princesses (In Order of Intelligence) by ~LocitatheSilent on DeviantART." Disney Princesses (In Order of Intelligence) by ~LocitatheSilent on DeviantART. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 May 2013. "Disney Princess." Disney Princess. Walt Disney Studios, n.d. Web. 08 May 2013.
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