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Planing For My Future

No description

William Billings

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Planing For My Future

Background photo by t.shigesa By: William Billings
Pre-Cal Period 3rd
Date: 2.15.13 My Plans Post High School I will attend East Georgia College in Statesboro, Georgia for 2 years then transfer to Armstrong Atlantic State Unversity in Savannah, Georgia majoring Biology. While in college I plan to have a part-time job as a Leasing Agent of an apartment company and establish my online clothing store named WetKiss. Also to enjoy the independent life of a college student and take advantage of all opportunities that lies ahead. My Reality Check Obstetrics and Gynecology Preparing For My Future Examines female patients to ensure a healthy reproductive system. Monitors patient during prenatal, natal, postnatal periods and preform tests and prescibes medication and treatment , as necessary. Delivers babies, determing the method most appropriate to ensure health and safety of both infant and mother. Requires a degree medicine from an accredited school and is licensed to practice. May require a least 2-4 years of ob/gyn experience. Familiar with standard concepts, practices and procedures within a particular field. Relies on experience degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Occupations at this level generally require a first professional degree. Completion of the academic program usually requires at least 6 years of full-time equivalent academic study, including college study prior to entering the professional degree program
4- years undergrad
4-years medical school
3-7 years of residency After Compeleting my Undergrad I will attend Medical School at Mecer Unversity in Macon, Georgia . Following my Residency. Where i hope to live permanently in Tybee, Lsiand My transportation is a Luxury Auto, Sports Auto. To be more specific I want a Ghost Roles Royce, a sports Bentley and a Mazda. In addition my clothes budget is $425.00 the Designer Package. I would like most of my clothes to be tailored to my body. My home will include a variety of entertainment such as home theater, lounge , game room just to name a few. I am certain that i will save 7% of my income that i will invest into companies, myself and my children. I am satisfied with my Reality Check Results this how I want my future to be. Your Monthly Expenses Dallas
Housing $770
Utilities $267
Food $450
Transportation $1310
Clothes $425
Health Care $73
Personal $650
Entertainment $375
Misc $750
Savings $430
Student Debt Loan $391
Monthly Expenses $5,891
Annual Expenses $70,696
Family Plan Additional Costs $37,527
Taxes (28% of Annual Expenses) $27,715
Annual Salary Needed $126,698
I choose to live in Tybee Island, Georgia in a Beach mansion. My utilities are gas, water, internet, phone, and electricty. My food choice inculdes dining out and home cooked meals. Texas Reality Check Training Below are the Top 15 Job Skills for this occupation
1. Maintain licenses, certifications, qualifications, and knowledge currency through continuing education activities
2. Attend academic, business, or other conferences and events
3. Consult with colleagues or experts regarding specific issues
4. Use knowledge of medical terminology
5. Administer anesthetics to patients
6. Communicate health and safety information
7. Integrate multiple sources of information to refine decision making and eventual actions
8. Diagnose medical condition of patient
9. Write technical health or medical documents
10. Administer medications, treatments, or injections
11. Make presentations to internal and external persons
12. Use oral or written communication techniques
13. Treat medical condition of patient
14. Communicate technical or scientific information
15. Obtain information from clients, customers, contractors, co-workers, patients, witnesses, attorneys, litigants or other individuals Important Job Skills
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