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United Airlines Customer Service

ENG 231 Oral/Visual Presentation

Anthony Hunt

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of United Airlines Customer Service

United Airlines Economic Recession Customer Service Solutions The Future 1,000 destinations Customer Commitment
lowest air fare
notify customers
fair baggage treatment
provide ticket refunds
allow cancellations
respond quickly to problems 48,000 employees 17 countries 359 aircrafts Third largest airline September 11th
oil price skyrocketed
loss of $2.4 billion
2002: declared bankruptcy
2006: exited bankruptcy
60% of consumers have no vacation
plans for the next 6 months; highest percentage in 28 years
(The Consumer Report)
2/3 of employees didn't use their
vacations days last year
(INC) Weather Website Mileage Plus Safety Pilots Improve Customer Service as a whole
retain old customers
bring in new customers
improve the airlines American Consumer Satisfaction Index:

United Airlines last in customer service the last 3 years untied.com 2008:
"The worst airline ever."
-NBC "Fly with Frank" "Cruise in the Sky" Rebranding
Marketing Campaign Practical Solutions + Image Rebranding Questions? Suggestions? Create new revenue streams
while fixing old mistakes
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