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History of Jazz

No description

krista cole

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of History of Jazz

Krista Cole The History of Jazz pre 1800s-1850s 1901: Louis Armstrong is born 1900-1920 1930s: Swing 1920s & 1930s 1940s: Bebop 1940s & 1950s Not one specific genre of jazz is supreme
continuity of 70s and 80s: inclusion of electronic instruments NOW In the Beginning... Early African Music
call and response
simple rhythms, complex melodies, off beat
spirituals, work songs
Blues (however, this is a separation of jazz) Worldwide diffusion:
African and European mix
assimilation to Western culture (instruments) New Orleans: The Birthplace of Jazz
location/attitude of the area helped it thrive basic rhythm of jazz
depression caused collapsing music industry, but increase in radio
swing rescued the industry
optimistic attitude lots of changes in the genre
new form of jazz, due to exploration
Fast tempo, intricate melodies, no longer simple harmonies
smaller groups of musicians
for listening groups 1950s: 1970s & 1980S 1970s: Jazz Funk 1980s: electronic sounds included
variety of instruments
different rhythm than swing
writing of music was more important Works Cited Bruner, Nick. "Jazz Glossary." Jazz Glossary. N.p., 04 Apr. 2004. Web. 30
May 2013.
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"Jazz: W. W. Norton StudySpace." Chapter 12: The 1950s: Cool Jazz and
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Louis Armstrong in Paris, June 5, 1965. 1965. Photograph. Paris.
Scaruffi, Piero. A History of Jazz Music. N.p.: n.p., 2007. Print. 1913-1917: First black band to tour outside New Orleans Globalization: Music brings all races together! 1910s: dance craze integrates to the North Basic Jazz Terms Mode: Scale that is not major or minor
Syncopation: playing off the beat 1920s: Referred to as the Jazz Age
Prohibition makes speakeasies venue areas for jazz (gets bad reputation) Acid Jazz and Jazz Rap are born
M-Base movement (similar to the Great Awakening) Primary Source In the Mood Joe Garland and Andy Razaf 1938 original recording Idea taken from Tar Paper Stomp racy song for time period 1910s-1920s: Dixie originates Modal: no longer focus on cord changes
Hard bop: extension to bebop, focus on saxophone and piano
Cool jazz, new style
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