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William Lyon Mackenzie King

school Project

Ben Miske

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of William Lyon Mackenzie King

? ? ? ? William Lyon Mackenzie King Questions and Answers about William's life Who was William Lyon Mackenzie King? William Lyon Mackenzie King was Canada's Prime Minister from December 29th, 1921 to August 7th, 1930 and then from October 23rd, 1935 to November 15th, 1948. That was almost 22 years making him Canada's longest serving Prime Minister! He led Canada through events like World War II and the Great Depression. His greatest political beliefs were that Canadians needed old age pensions, unemployment insurance, and more medical coverage. ( answer by: The Loner who Kept Canada Together and http://www.canadahistory.com/) You would think this kind of person would be very popular but William enjoyed the company of dogs instead of people, in fact he had What might have gotten William interested in running for Prime Minister? Many things William did could have easily inspired him to get involved in politics. For example, when he joined the debating club in high school. However, there are some things that made him motivated to run for Prime Minister more than anything else. One of those things was a speech by Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald. He attended this speech when he was only 7! Sir John A. MacDonald Another thing that got William motivated to make Canada a better place was the situation he saw when living in Toronto. He saw how hard some people had to work just to put food on the table. At the time, most people believed that everyone was responsible for their own state of living. However, William was one of the few who believed in social justice. Once he moved to Chicago he joined Hull House, an organization that helps poor neighborhoods. What did William do before He became Prime Minister? Though William was a great Prime Minister, it was not his first job. It was his 6th job in fact! William's first "Real" job, as he called it, was the Editor for a Magazine called the Labour Gazette. However, before that he wrote some articles for a newspaper called the Mail and Empire. He wrote a series about horrible working conditions in sweatshops. Picture yourself having to stitch clothing while jammed in a space like Kenollie's boiler room with dozens of other people is how The Loner Who Kept Canada Together describes it. In his research he found out that the sweatshops were sewing uniforms for postal workers. He soon contacted the Postmaster General. (the person in charge of Canada's post.)
The general was very surprised and asked William to check out the working conditions in all sweatshops willing to supply a uniform for his workers. William did, but also asked the current Prime Minister, Sir Wilfrid Laurier to insert a fair-wage into all future, contracts... and he did! Hull House Sweatshop He then went on a vacation and when he got back, he was asked to become the Labour Gazette's Editor However, he had barely begun before he was asked to become the youngest Deputy Minister of the Department of Labour at 25 years of age! Sir Wilfred Laurie saw how good a job he was doing and suggested he run for office. He did and became a member of parliament how ever 3 years later he lost his seat in a federal election. In 1915, his sister Isabel died. One year later, his father died. In 1917, he ran for office again. He lost and 1 day later his Mother died! In two years his friend, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, died and the Liberals had to pick a new leader. Guess who they picked? William! They didn't even care that he no longer had a seat in parliament! The Liberals soon found a vacant seat and William then became their official leader. On December 6th 1921, William led the Liberals to victory and became Canada's 10th Prime Minister!
( answer by: The Loner who Kept Canada Together) What did William do in his personal time? Despite being Canada's Prime Minister, William wasn't very popular. In fact, William had no friends or family! The main things he would hang out with were three Irish Terriers named Pat, Pat, and Pat! They weren't all alive at the same time but someone sent him another one each time Pat died. In his spare time, he would hang out with 1 of his 3 dogs and install fake Roman Style ruins in the woods. He was a very interesting man and after the death of his parents he tried to contact the spirits of the dead! Pat Some things that represent William are... The $50 bill, and this statue of his best friend who died trying to save a drowning girl. What are symbols that Represent William? Quiz! 1. How many years was William in office? a. 17

b. 20

c. 22

d. 25 What party was William in when he became Prime Minister? a. Conservative

b. Liberal

c. NDP

d. Green Party What did William name each of his Dogs? a. George

b. Kate

c. Jim

d. Pat The End Prezi by: BEN Bibliography http://www.canadahistory.com/ The Loner who Kept Canada Together info by: The End By: Ben Answer by the Loner who kept Canada together Those are some of the things that may have gotten William Interested in running for Prime minister(answer by The Loner Who got Canada Together) Answer by http://www.canadahistory.com/ , http://ltottawa.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/sirgalahad/ and the Loner who Kept Canada Together It is also the only non-political statue on parliament hill. http://ltottawa.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/sirgalahad/
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