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Casey at the bat

No description

Marie Riley

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Casey at the bat

1888 WOW!!! Earnest Lawrence Thayer - born 1863
Grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Harvard
Nickname: Phin Goal: Compare and contrast a poem to
a short story. What makes
someone a hero? What are
the rules What does it mean to
compare and contrast? POEM STORY about
baseball short sentences
with rhyme paragraphs pictures preceded despised applauded ignored Can you summarize
the details of the
game? Who does the crowd
wish were up next?
Why? What do you think
will happen next? Paragraph 2 and stanzas 3-4 Who were the next two
batters to get up to bat? What happened when
Flynn was at bat? What do you think will happen next? The seventh grade class entered the auditorium before the sixth grade. The seventh grade _________ the 6th grade. We encouraged and praised our teammates. We ____
our teammates. Lesley paid no attention to people who told her she could not play ball. Lesley ____ them Mary didn't like and wouldn't wear her new sweater. Mary________ her new sweater. What makes someone a hero?
Is Casey a hero? Day 2 Goal- Compare/contrast a story and poem Question - What makes people
feel confident? Poem Story stanzas paragraphs same
plot rhythm L Listening- Paragraph 3 and Stanzas 5 and 6 Who is up to bat? How did Casey act as he walked up to the plate? Do you think Casey will get a hit? Where does stanza 6 starts? How many lines? paragraph
4 Stanzas
7-8 1. Why do you think Casey rubbed
his hands with dirt?
2. What is the " leather covered sphere" in the
first line of stanza 8?
3. Why did Casey not swing at the first pitch? What similarities and differences did you notice when you compared and contrasted the poem and short story? What do you think the writer
means when he says that Casey
watches the first pitch "in haughty
grandeur? http://publicdomain4u.com/ed-meeker-take-me-out-to-the-ball-game/mp3-download
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